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APPROVED VENDOR Refrigerant Scales

Refrigerant scales accurately measure the weight of a refrigerant cylinder and the amount of refrigerant added to a refrigerant recovery system. Raptor Supplies offers a range of refrigerant charging scales from brands like Bacharach, JB Industries, and Yellow Jacket. These scales help technicians in finding leaks and performing routine maintenance on these systems. Choose from a broad range of these refrigerant scales, available in LCD and digital display options.

StyleMax. CapacityResolutionPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
A110 Lb.0.1 oz/0.005 lbs/2 g£ 348.34
B200 lb.0.2 oz/0.01 lbs/4 g£ 416.80

Refrigerantscale Electronic ProgrammableAPPROVED VENDOR

Refrigerantscale Electronic Programmable
Price(inc. VAT)ItemModel

Tif Compact Refrigerant ScaleAPPROVED VENDOR

Tif Compact Refrigerant Scale
Price(inc. VAT)ItemModel