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APPROVED VENDOR Pry Bar Lever Dollies

Pry Bar Lever Dollies feature a long handle made of wood or steel with caster wheels at the bottom. They are great for lifting and moving cargo on warehouse docks as they can balance the loaded weight

StyleOverall LengthPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
A60"£ 366.67
A72"£ 397.93
A84"£ 438.34

Pry bar lever dollies are constructed from steel and feature a special nose plate that helps in lifting and prying heavy machinery, equipment, pallets and loads. These dollies are also suitable for application in warehouses to lift and balance cargos. They feature poly-on-steel dual wheels and a long handle for easy transportation of heavy loads over irregular surfaces. These heavy-duty pry bar lever dollies can safely lift up to 5000 lb load and are available in 60, 72 and 84 inch variants.