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APPROVED VENDOR Pressure Washer Spray Guns And Wands

Pressure washer spray guns and wands are used with pressure washers for efficiently cleaning surfaces. Raptor Supplies offers a broad range of pressure washer spray guns and wands from brands like AR North America, AR Blue Clean, Grainger, Guardair, Mi-T-M and T&S. These pressure washer wands feature an easy pull trigger to reduce hand fatigue. AR North America telescoping lances can be extended to lengths of 18 to 24 ft. These lances have a maximum pressure of 4000 psi and flow of 7 gpm, with the water being carried through single steel braided, 1/4 inch hoses. Choose from a wide range of pressure washer wands and spray guns, available in lengths ranging from 4 to 60 inches and 18 to 24 ft, respectively.


Spray Gun 5075 Psi
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