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APPROVED VENDOR Miscellaneous Key Stocks

Key stock is used for important key parts of an appliance or a machine to transfer torque from the machine's parts to the machine's shaft. Raptor Supplies has key stock for re-mountable devices and can be installed easily with the shafts. Zinc plated, stainless steel key stock is also available for pulleys etc. Find the perfect combinations and sizes at Raptor Supplies for the key stock that you need.

Keystock OversizedAPPROVED VENDOR

StyleFinishLengthLength ToleranceMaterialRockwell HardnessSizeTensile StrengthThickness TolerancePrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
APlain12"-0.125"18-8 Stainless SteelB801/8 x 1/8"35,000 PSI+0.004£ 12.17
WWG750125012512 AE6NNZ
APlain12"-0.125"18-8 Stainless SteelB803/16 x 3/16"35,000 PSI+0.004£ 16.18
WWG750187018712 AE6NPA
APlain12"-0.125"18-8 Stainless SteelB801/4 x 1/4"35,000 PSI+0.004£ 17.14
WWG750250025012 AE6NPB
APlain12"-0.125"18-8 Stainless SteelB805/16 x 5/16"35,000 PSI+0.004£ 22.75
WWG750312031212 AE6NPC
APlain12"-0.125"18-8 Stainless SteelB803/8 x 3/8"35,000 PSI+0.004£ 28.15
WWG750375037512 AE6NPD
APlain12"-0.125"18-8 Stainless SteelB801/2 x 1/2"35,000 PSI+0.004£ 42.64
WWG750500050012 AE6NPF
APlain12"-0.125"18-8 Stainless SteelB809/16 x 9/16"35,000 PSI+0.004£ 56.32
WWG750562056212 AE6NPG
APlain12"-0.125"18-8 Stainless SteelB805/8 x 5/8"35,000 PSI+0.004£ 86.18
WWG750625062512 AE6NPH
APlain12"-0.125"18-8 Stainless SteelB803/4 x 3/4"35,000 PSI+0.005£ 101.99
WWG750750075012 AE6NPJ
APlain12"-0.125"18-8 Stainless SteelB807/8 x 7/8"35,000 PSI+0.005£ 173.83
WWG750875087512 AE6NPK
APlain12"-0.125"18-8 Stainless SteelB801 x 1"35,000 PSI+0.005£ 192.10
WWG751000100012 AE6NPL
APlain12"-0.125"Alloy SteelBHN 1941/8 x 1/8"100,000 psi+0.001£ 8.65
WWG600125012512 AE6RML
APlain12"-0.125"Alloy SteelBHN 1943/16 x 3/16"100,000 psi+0.001£ 9.13
WWG600187018712 AE6RMM
APlain12"-0.125"Alloy SteelBHN 1941/4 x 1/4"100,000 psi+0.001£ 10.18
WWG600250025012 AE6RMN
APlain12"-0.125"Alloy SteelBHN 1945/16 x 5/16"100,000 psi+0.001£ 12.98
WWG600312031212 AE6RMQ
APlain12"-0.125"Alloy SteelBHN 1941/2 x 1/2"100,000 psi+0.001£ 20.17
WWG600500050012 AE6RMU
APlain12"-0.125"Low Carbon SteelB851/16 x 1/16"64,000 PSI+0.002£ 9.00
WWG350062006212 AE6TMR
APlain12"-0.125"Low Carbon SteelB853/32 x 3/32"64,000 PSI+0.002£ 9.58
WWG350093009312 AE6TMT
APlain12"-0.125"Low Carbon SteelB855/32 x 5/32"64,000 PSI+0.002£ 8.47
WWG350156015612 AE6TMV
APlain12"-0.125"Low Carbon SteelB853/16 x 3/16"64,000 PSI+0.002£ 8.78
WWG350187018712 AE6TMW
APlain12"-0.125"Low Carbon SteelB857/32 x 7/32"64,000 PSI+0.002£ 9.30
WWG350218021812 AE6TMX
APlain12"-0.125"Low Carbon SteelB851/4 x 1/4"64,000 PSI+0.002£ 9.11
WWG350250025012 AE6TMY
APlain12"-0.125"Low Carbon SteelB859/32 x 9/32"64,000 PSI+0.002£ 10.91
WWG350281028112 AE6TMZ
APlain12"-0.125"Low Carbon SteelB855/16 x 5/16"64,000 PSI+0.002£ 10.18
WWG350312031212 AE6TNA
APlain12"-0.125"Low Carbon SteelB853/8 x 3/8"64,000 PSI+0.002£ 11.03
WWG350375037512 AE6TNB
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Key Stock OversizedAPPROVED VENDOR

StyleFinishLengthMaterialRockwell HardnessSizeTensile StrengthThickness TolerancePrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
APlain12"18-8 Stainless SteelB807/16 x 7/16"35,000 PSI+0.004£ 39.56
WWG750437043712 AE6NPE
APlain12"Alloy SteelBHN 1943/8 x 3/8"100,000 psi+0.001£ 13.26
WWG600375037512 AE6RMT
APlain12"Low Carbon SteelB851/8 x 1/8"64,000 PSI+0.002£ 8.54
WWG350125012512 AE6TMU
AZinc12"Low Carbon SteelB851/8 x 3/8"64,000 PSI+0.003£ 20.08
WWG360125037512 AE6TNT
AZinc12"Low Carbon SteelB851/4 x 1/4"64,000 PSI+0.002£ 9.38
WWG360250025012 AE6UKP
AZinc12"Low Carbon SteelB851/2 x 1/2"64,000 PSI+0.002£ 15.06
WWG360500050012 AE6UVC
AZinc12"Low Carbon SteelB859/16 x 5/8"64,000 PSI+0.003£ 45.12
WWG360562062512 AE6UVL
AZinc12"Low Carbon SteelB855/8 x 11/16"64,000 PSI+0.003£ 61.44
WWG360625068712 AE6UVR
AZinc12"Low Carbon SteelB851-1/8 x 1-1/4"64,000 PSI+0.004£ 125.29
WWG361125125012 AE6VHD
AZinc12"Low Carbon SteelB851-3/16 x 1-3/16"64,000 PSI+0.003£ 97.07
WWG361187118712 AE6VHE
AZinc12"Low Carbon SteelB851-1/4 x 1-1/4"64,000 PSI+0.003£ 89.59
WWG361250125012 AE6VHF
APlain36"Low Carbon SteelB859/32 x 9/32"64,000 PSI+0.002£ 19.39
WWG350281028136 AE6XYP
APlain36"Low Carbon SteelB855/16 x 5/16"64,000 PSI+0.002£ 16.15
WWG350312031236 AE6XYQ

Key Stock UndersizedAPPROVED VENDOR

StyleFinishLengthLength ToleranceMaterialRockwell HardnessSizeTensile StrengthThickness TolerancePrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
APlain36"-0.125"Low Carbon SteelB851/4 x 1/4"64,000 PSI-0.002"£ 12.68
WWG300250025036 AE6LGC
APlain36"-0.125"Low Carbon SteelB855/16 x 5/16"64,000 PSI-0.002"£ 15.80
WWG300312031236 AE6LGE
APlain1M-0.005mmLow Carbon SteelB8522 x 40mm64,000 PSI-0.062mm£ 339.58
WWG3040221000 AE6MTN
AZinc12"-0.005mmMedium Carbon SteelB855 x 8mm64,000 PSI-0.030mm£ 12.89
WWG310805305 AE6MTT
AZinc12"-0.005mmMedium Carbon SteelB856 x 10mm64,000 PSI-0.036mm£ 14.35
WWG311006305 AE6MTV
AZinc12"-0.005mmMedium Carbon SteelB857 x 7mm64,000 PSI-0.036mm£ 13.30
WWG310707305 AE6MTY
AZinc12"-0.005mmMedium Carbon SteelB858 x 8mm64,000 PSI-0.036mm£ 14.54
WWG310808305 AE6MUC
AZinc12"-0.005mmMedium Carbon SteelB859 x 14mm64,000 PSI-0.043mm£ 20.21
WWG311409305 AE6MUG
AZinc12"-0.005mmMedium Carbon SteelB8510 x 10mm64,000 PSI-0.036mm£ 20.06
WWG311010305 AE6MUJ
AZinc12"-0.005mmMedium Carbon SteelB8510 x 12mm64,000 PSI-0.043mm£ 22.91
WWG311210305 AE6MUK
AZinc12"-0.005mmMedium Carbon SteelB8516 x 28mm64,000 PSI-0.052mm£ 100.66
WWG312816305 AE6MUV
AZinc12"-0.005mmMedium Carbon SteelB8518 x 32mm64,000 PSI-0.062mm£ 105.12
WWG313218305 AE6MUX
APlain12"-0.005mmA4 Stainless SteelB806 x 6mm35,000 PSI-0.030mm£ 63.34
WWG700606305 AE6NBQ
APlain12"-0.005mmA4 Stainless SteelB8018 x 18mm35,000 PSI-0.043mm£ 258.71
WWG701818305 AE6NCC
APlain1M-0.005mmA4 Stainless SteelB806 x 6mm35,000 PSI-0.030mm£ 181.19
WWG7006061000 AE6NCH
APlain1M-0.005mmA4 Stainless SteelB805 x 5mm35,000 PSI-0.030mm£ 190.96
WWG8005051000 AE6NCT
APlain12"-0.125"18-8 Stainless SteelB803/8 x 3/4"35,000 PSI-0.003"£ 59.74
WWG700375075012 AE6NQJ
APlain12"-0.125"Brass68F-80B3/16 x 3/16"108-150 PSI-0.002"£ 12.66
WWG060187018712 AE6RLV
APlain12"+/-.0035Brass68F-80B1/4 x 1/4"108-150 PSI+/-.0035£ 15.13
WWG060250025012 AE6RLW
APlain12"-0.125"Brass68F-80B5/16 x 5/16"108-150 PSI-0.002"£ 20.51
WWG060312031212 AE6RLX
APlain12"-0.125"Brass68F-80B7/16 x 7/16"108-150 PSI-0.002"£ 27.48
WWG060437043712 AE6RLZ
APlain12"-0.125"High Carbon SteelBHN 1941/8 x 1/8"140,000 PSI-0.002"£ 10.87
WWG550125012512 AE6RMX
AZinc12"-0.125"Low Carbon SteelB853/16 x 5/16"64,000 PSI-0.003"£ 11.51
WWG310187031212 AE6XMM
AZinc12"-0.125"Low Carbon SteelB853/16 x 3/8"64,000 PSI-0.003"£ 11.71
WWG310187037512 AE6XMN
AZinc12"-0.125"Low Carbon SteelB851-1/2 x 1-1/2"64,000 PSI-0.003"£ 108.59
WWG311500150012 AE6XXW
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Keystock UndersizedAPPROVED VENDOR

StyleFinishLengthLength ToleranceMaterialRockwell HardnessSizeTensile StrengthThickness TolerancePrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
APlain72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB861/8 x 1/8"70,000 psi£ 13.84
WWG300125012572 AD7JRA
APlain72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB863/16 x 3/16"70,000 psi£ 15.80
WWG300187018772 AD7JRB
APlain72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB861/4 x 1/4"70,000 psi£ 37.68
WWG300250025072 AD7JRC
APlain72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB865/16 x 5/16"70,000 psi£ 44.15
WWG300312031272 AD7JRD
APlain72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB863/8 x 3/8"70,000 psi£ 56.92
WWG300375037572 AD7JRE
APlain72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB867/16 x 7/16"70,000 psi£ 54.23
WWG300437043772 AD7JRF
APlain72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB861/2 x 1/2"70,000 psi£ 59.65
WWG300500050072 AD7JRG
APlain72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB865/8 x 5/8"70,000 psi£ 75.91
WWG300625062572 AD7JRH
APlain72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB863/4 x 3/4"70,000 psi£ 98.57
WWG300750075072 AD7JRJ
APlain72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB861 x 1"65,000 psi£ 134.41
WWG301000100072 AD7JRK
APlain72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB861-1/4 x 1-1/4"60,000 PSI£ 206.22
WWG301250125072 AD7JRL
APlain72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB861-1/2 x 1-1/2"60,000 PSI£ 364.50
WWG301500150072 AD7JRM
AZinc36"-0.125Low Carbon SteelB861/8 x 1/8"70,000 psi0.0002"£ 11.41
WWG310125012536 AD7JRN
AZinc72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB861/8 x 1/8"70,000 psi0.0002"£ 15.84
WWG310125012572 AD7JRP
AZinc36"-0.125Low Carbon SteelB863/16 x 3/16"70,000 psi0.0002"£ 13.24
WWG310187018736 AD7JRQ
AZinc72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB863/16 x 3/16"70,000 psi0.0002"£ 18.66
WWG310187018772 AD7JRR
AZinc36"-0.125Low Carbon SteelB861/4 x 1/4"70,000 psi0.0002"£ 15.19
WWG310250025036 AD7JRT
AZinc72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB861/4 x 1/4"70,000 psi0.0002"£ 44.35
WWG310250025072 AD7JRU
AZinc36"-0.125Low Carbon SteelB865/16 x 5/16"70,000 psi0.0002"£ 18.84
WWG310312031236 AD7JRV
AZinc72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB865/16 x 5/16"70,000 psi0.0002"£ 52.09
WWG310312031272 AD7JRW
AZinc36"-0.125Low Carbon SteelB863/8 x 3/8"70,000 psi0.0002"£ 43.69
WWG310375037536 AD7JRX
AZinc72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB863/8 x 3/8"70,000 psi0.0002"£ 60.25
WWG310375037572 AD7JRY
AZinc36"-0.125Low Carbon SteelB867/16 x 7/16"70,000 psi0.0002"£ 51.55
WWG310437043736 AD7JRZ
AZinc72"+/-0.250"Low Carbon SteelB867/16 x 7/16"70,000 psi0.0002"£ 74.57
WWG310437043772 AD7JTA
AZinc36"-0.125Low Carbon SteelB861/2 x 1/2"70,000 psi0.0002"£ 56.34
WWG310500050036 AD7JTB
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