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Deep Well Submersible Pump Motors

Deep well submersible pump motors are suitable for use in water wells for submerged pumping operations demanding deeper installations and high flow rates. Raptor Supplies is an authorised distributor of Little Giant and Franklin deep well water pump motors featuring a totally enclosed design that provides complete resistance against damage from fluids & external contaminants. These units further come equipped with a stainless-steel spline shaft for delivering a uniform load distribution along the teeth sides. Pump motors from Little Giant feature a copper bar rotor for eliminating the additional requirement of a variable frequency drive while increasing the system efficiency and an external sand slinger for protecting the shaft seal. Selected Franklin pump motors come with a water-lubricated system for minimising the frictional losses and a pressure equalising diaphragm for balancing the pressure in accordance with the external environment. Choose from a wide variety of these pumps available in single- & three-phase variants.

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Submersible Pump Motor

Submersible Pump Motor

  • Item: AJ7WYL
  • £1,171.55 - £3,675.48 (ex. VAT)
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Sand Fighter Motor, 10 Hp

Sand Fighter Motor, 10 Hp

  • Item: BX2FGE
  • Model: 2366128120
  • £2,335.63 (ex. VAT)
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