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Chute Hoppers

Chute hoppers are commonly used to hold large amounts of bulk material & trash, and do not have to tilt to dump their contents, perfect for use in compact space. Raptor Supplies offers chute hoppers from brands like Advance Tabco and Vestil. Vestil steel chute hoppers feature a full-height front door which opens to dump the hopper contents and automatically returns & latches after dumping. These chute hoppers come with usable fork pockets for moving with assistance from a fork truck and a safety restraint for securing the unit. They can lift up to 2000 lb and feature welded steel construction with a blue finish for long lasting, rugged use. They come with a pull cable which safely opens the door from the seat of the fork truck or from a safe distance. Advance Tabco liquid waste chutes can be installed in blender stations to ensure efficient and sanitary operation. These chute hoppers feature K-54 push back filler faucets which provide running water with a simple push.

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Install Liquid Waste Chute In Blender Station

Install Liquid Waste Chute In Blender Station

  • Item: CD7YWW
  • Model: SU-36
  • £508.73 (ex. VAT)
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Steel Chute Hopper

Steel Chute Hopper

  • Item: AJ4ZRX
  • £2,133.74 - £2,258.63 (ex. VAT)
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