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APPROVED VENDOR Baling Wire And Lockwire

Baling wires and lockwires are used in mending fences, hay and straw, reinforcing fasteners or metal parts and bundling sheets of cardboard or almost anything that requires binding. These wires are up to 6980 feet long and used to tie down items for their support and safety.
The 302 stainless steel, galvanised annealed wire, Inconel, Monel, black annealed wire and aluminium wire variants of these safety wires are offered in bundle, canister, carton, coil, single loop bundle and spool packages.
Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of bale ties, baling wires, coil wires, double-loop ties, lockwires, rebar tie wires, straight and spring wires from brands like Grainger, Precision Brand and Malin Co.


StyleGaugeLengthPrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
A14 ga.13'£ 397.55
30013014G AB6BYR
A14 ga.14'£ 448.57
30014014G AB6BYT
A13 ga.13'£ 499.98
30013013G AB6BYU
A13 ga.14'£ 518.30
30014013G AB6BYV
A12 ga.18'£ 498.22
30018012G125 AB6BYW
A12 ga.21'£ 548.92
30021012G AB6BYX