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Identification Products

  • Hand Stamp Sets

    Hand-cut, machine-made, sharp face, round face, reverse-print and dot design hand stamps made of heat-treated carbon tool steel. Used to make impressions on molds, metals and dies

  • Stencils and Stencil Sets

    Brass stencils featuring bold and clear characters in Gothic font style and perfect character alignment. Ideal for marking shipments and making signs and other identifications

  • Tag Accessories

    Includes steel marking kits, metal tag stamping kits and stamp holders used while making impressions on different workpieces

Young Bros. Stamp Works Inc. has been providing high-quality steel hand stamps and other identification tools for over 105 years. The company's product catalogue includes a wide range of steel stamps, steel hand stamp holders, marking kits, tag accessories and stencil sets. Young Bros steel stamps are made with heat-treated carbon-based tool steel that makes these units tough and durable and offered in a variety of hand-cut, machine-made, sharp face, round face, reverse-print and dot designs. Capable of marking materials that have hardnesses up to 50 HRC on the Rockwell C scale, these stamps are used for making permanent impressions on moulds, metals and die. Young Bros hand-cut hand stamps feature a hand-ground tapered design for precise impression alignment, easy character identification and a one thumb groove for easy positioning & providing a firm grip. These are offered in letter sets of 9, 27 & 36 characters. The company also manufactures a wide range of adjustable & interlocking brass stencils that consist of gothic-style characters and are used for marking various shipments and identification signs. These figure set stencils comprise 15 pieces of characters and are offered in sizes ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 inches on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.