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Hand Tools


  • Angle Clamps

    Aluminium / cast-iron angle clamps with chrome or copper plated spindles. Have adjustable self-centering jaws and are used to provide a precise 90-degree clamping

  • Bar Pipe and L Clamps

    Contains an extensive line of F clamps and lever bar clamps with a maximum load-holding capacity of 4880 lb. Used for temporarily holding objects before attaching them permanently

  • C Clamps

    Includes various heavy- and light-duty C-clamps and shoe clamps in different sizes and load-bearing capacities. Can be used to clamp wood and metal workpieces and pipes

  • Clamp Accessories

    Light-duty, hydraulic, mechanical and midget work positioners used to position work pieces and hold them in place for a hands-free operation. Ideal for welding, assembling and intricate electronic work


  • Bench Vises

    Choose from a wide range of Wilton bench vises, such as combination, machinist, rotating and workshop vises with clamp-on, swivel and stationary base options

  • Magnetic Jaw Caps

    Hardened aluminium jaw caps used to hold uneven workpieces and prevent them from marring while clamping. Feature a built-in permanent magnet and offered in different jaw widths

  • Specialty Vises and Components

    All-terrain and multi-angle vises with steel jaws; offered in different jaw widths and throat depths for a variety of workholding applications

Hammers and Striking Tools

  • Axes Hatchets Splitting Wedges

    Splitting mauls featuring a steel head and a slip-resistant vulcanised rubber handle with steel rods that eliminate breaking during overstrikes. Ideal for wood splitting and striking wedges

  • Ball Pein Hammers

    Used for light forging, bending, forming and peining applications. Feature a safety plate that secures the head from dislodging and a slip-resistant vulcanised rubber handle

  • Sledges

    Includes a wide range of double face, soft face and indestructible sledge hammers in different head diameters, materials and lengths


Machine Tool Accessories

  • Clamping Kits

    52-Piece milling machine tool kits comprising 6 T-slot nuts, 4 coupling nuts, 6 step blocks, 6 step clamps and 4 studs. Come with a metal storage tray that can be mounted on a machine or a wall

  • Machining Vises

    Used in various milling, drilling, reaming and tapping applications. Available in different types, jaw widths and throat depths

Finishing Supplies

  • Dust Collectors

    Used to collect dust and other impurities from air or gas with a powerful 2 hp, 3-phase motor that easily can handle high volumes of dust

Material Handling

Hoists and Trolleys

  • Trolleys

    OSHA and ANSI compliant heavy-duty manual trolleys of 1-ton capacity. Feature an all-welded steel frame and powder coat finish for increased durability and corrosion resistance


Replacement Parts

  • Parts

    Includes a variety of replacement parts, such as jaw inserts, jaws, spindles and spindle assemblies in copper and polyurethane materials

Power Tools

Finishing Tools

  • Planers

    Heavy-duty cast iron corded planers used to obtain smooth and flat wood surfaces; available in different hp ratings

For more than 78 years, Wilton Tools has been offering essential, high-quality metalworking tools for applications in machining & fabrication shops. Its extensive catalogue includes industrial vises, clamps, bar pipes, sledges, hammers, magnetic jaw caps, planers, trolleys, dust collectors, axes and splitting wedges. Wilton cast iron angle clamps feature squarely machined sides and base for precision clamping at 90 degrees and slotted holes in the base for easy workbench mounting. These clamps come equipped with copper-plated spindle pivots which allow the self-centring jaws to make quick adjustments while providing a secure grip to the workpieces. Double face sledge hammers from Wilton exhibit an unbreakable steel core handle technology which eliminates any breaking occurrences during overstrikes and a non-slip rubber grip for added operator's security. These hammers are ideal for fracturing stones / concrete, driving stakes into rocky ground and installing fence posts, as well as for other demolition jobs. Choose from a wide range of these sledge hammers and other company products, such as clamp accessories & kits, spindles and jaw inserts on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Wilton Tools distributor.