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HVAC and Refrigeration

Electric Process Heaters and Accessories

  • Band Heaters

    Ring-shaped heating devices featuring high watt density and high operating temperature. Intended for use in oil reclamation systems, holding tanks, autoclaves and sterilisers. Available in 120 / 240 / 480 voltage ratings

  • Cartridge Heaters

    Heating elements used to heat metal parts by insertion into drilled holes. Have maximum working temperature of 1400 degrees and widely used in HVAC compressors, 3D printing, sealing bags, plastic extruders, glue guns and hot stamping

  • Enclosure Heaters

    Silicone rubber / tubular enclosure heaters used to maintain stable enclosure temperatures and to protect equipment and machinery against humidity, condensation, corrosion and low temperatures. Available in different power options and mounting dimensions

  • Finned Strip Heaters

    Ceramic insulated channel strip heaters featuring a stainless-steel sheath for durability and high temperature resistance (up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit). Ideal for natural convection air heating in cabinet type ovens. Available in different watt densities and terminals

  • Flexible Strip Heaters

    Can perform uninterruptedly under moisture, ambient temperature and vacuum. Widely used in transferring heat to surfaces where limited space is available for placing a heater. Available in standard and adhesive backing mounting options

  • Immersion Heaters

    Includes single- and three-phase electric immersion heaters featuring greater heat dissipation than tubular immersion heaters. Ideal for cement curing and heating applications in nuclear power plants and wastewater management

  • Insulated Channel Strip Heaters

    CSA and RoHS compliant strip heaters with excellent thermal conductivity and dielectric strength to uniformly distribute heat to flat surfaces. Feature corrosion-resistant aluminised steel sheath to provide physical strength and high emissivity

  • Process Heater Element Accessories

    Includes ceramic terminal blocks used in heater power and thermocouple wiring in high temperature locations, as well as for interfacing heater assemblies, CRA housings and ARA arrays with external line wiring

  • Radiant Process Heaters

    Linear ceramic and tubular infrared heaters capable of generating high amount of heat energy at concentrated areas at a very fast rate. Ideal for vulcanising and curing rubber, forming plastic, and drying textiles, sand cores and lacquers. Offered in different lengths, mountings and voltage ratings

  • Strip Heaters

    Designed to perform surface heating and process air heating in ovens, dies, moulds, drying cabinets and tanks. Available in 120 / 240 voltage ratings, parallel and offset terminals, and different mounting dimensions

Electric Heaters and Accessories

  • Electric Infrared Heater Elements

    Ceramic / indoor / outdoor infrared elements used for heating and drying applications in garages, warehouses, laboratories and basements. Can be used individually or combined into large arrays to form heating zones

  • Electric Infrared Heaters

    Radiant quartz infrared heaters widely used for indoor heating purposes. Can be mounted horizontally only and available in 1 / 2 / 3 lamp variants

  • Infrared Heater Elements

    Quartz heater elements and screw-in bases and bulbs designed to deliver heat energy to concentrated areas at a fast rate. Widely used in paint drying, moisture removal, animal warming and food production processes

HVAC Controls

  • Line Voltage Thermostats

    Ideal for maintaining steady temperature in homes, offices, garages or warehouses. Feature a single-pole, single-throw switch with open-on-rise / snap switching action, and have with a temperature control range of 32 - 570 degrees F


Temperature Controls

  • Electronic Temperature Controller Acc.

    Includes a 0 - 50 amp current transformer to be used with heater break alarms, and an adapter plate that adapts a 1 / 4 DIN cut-out to a 1 / 16 cut-out

  • Temperature Controllers

    Includes digital and analogue temperature controllers commonly used in batch ovens, defrost equipment, thermoformers, extrusion machines, packaging machines and food service equipment

  • Thermocouple Adapters

    Includes thermocouple adapters, clamps, jacks and plugs to install / manage wires, or to power a device. Used in kilns, diesel engines, thermostats and other temperature measuring processes. Available in different connection types

  • Thermocouples Assemblies

    Designed to measure temperature in confined spaces or hard-to-reach areas. Include magnetic, heavy-duty, low-temperature, general-purpose, lug style, ring, pipe clamp and spring adjustable thermocouples, as well as RTD probes. Offered in different probe and lead lengths

Wire and Cable

  • High Temperature Lead Wire

    Feature mica / PTFE insulation over a nickel-plated / silver-plated / nickel-clad conductor. Have a maximum operating temperature of 842 degrees F and suitable for internal wiring in commercial and industrial heaters, heat treating kilns, furnaces and food service equipment

  • Thermocouple Wire

    Ideal for manufacturing a thermocouple assembly or extending a thermocouple signal from an instrument or a probe to a measuring instrument, particularly over long distances. Work accurately over a specified temperature range


Replacement Parts

  • Parts

    Includes terminal caps with 10-24 / 10-32 threads, terminal covers with 2-inline ports and single-pole, single-throw thermostats. Caps and covers are made from ceramic and are compatible with various Tempco heaters and thermostats.

With over 48 years of service, Tempco has been providing an extensive line of ISO 9001:2015 certified and UL listed thermal components for applications in medical, wind power, plastic, food service, aerospace and transportation industries. The company's catalogue includes immersion, band, infrared, enclosure and cartridge heaters; temperature sensors & controllers; and turnkey process heating systems. Tempco ceramic band heaters are designed to heat cylindrical surfaces in drum heaters, autoclaves, sterilisers and blown film extrusion dies. These heaters feature a flexible nickel-chrome resistance coil, wrapped around the workpiece, to ensure maximum surface contact and heat transfer. For providing additional support to the resistance wire, the brand's cartridge heaters have an industrial-grade swaged construction further equipped with swaged-in lava plug and ceramic end cap for complete protection against contaminants. These heaters are ideal for heating both liquids and gases in food processing and packaging plants, as well as plastic moulders and other scientific equipment. Raptor Supplies, one of Tempco's authorised distributor, offers a wide range of these Tempco heating elements and heaters in power rates ranging from 100 - 400 watts.