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Tap Magic, a division of Steco Corporation, is a leading provider of precise & lubricated cutting fluids, multi-purpose cleaners / degreasers, penetrating fluids, corrosion inhibitors, eco oil food greases and aluminium / ProTap cutting fluids. Tap Magic aluminium cutting fluids are designed for cutting and machining operations on aluminium, brass, copper and other soft metals without stains on the surface of a workpiece. These aluminium cutting fluids are ozone-friendly and completely free of 1,1,1 trichloroethane, ideal for achieving a micro-fine finish. They are available in cans, pails and drums in a maximum capacity of 275 gallons. Tap Magic offers bio-degradable ProTap cutting fluids for drilling, tapping, milling or cutting on any metal, while not staining or changing the properties of even soft metals such as aluminium. These fluids offer rapid heat dissipation, closer tolerances and ultra-fine finish, regardless of the cut. A wide variety of environment-friendly ProTap cutting fluids and other company products such as H20X / XTRA-THICK / EP-XTRA cutting fluids, is available on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Tap Magic distributor.