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Speedaire is a subsidiary and trademarked brand of the industry giant Grainger, which is an American Fortune 500 company. With decades of experience and knowledge, Grainger has become one of the largest distributors of maintenance, repair and operational products for applications in the construction, manufacturing, electrical, automation and automobile industries. Grainger was established in Lake Forest, Illinois, USA in 1927 and has reached more than 3 million customers globally. Read More




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Pneumatics Filter

Pneumatic ToolsView all

  • Air Belt Sanders

    Speedaire air belt sanders are designed to smoothen and contour the interior and exterior corners of metal & wood at a pressure of 90 psi. They feature soft pads on the contact arms for maximum comfort and ease during operation. These air belt sanders also have aluminium housing and a maximum rotational speed of 20000 rpm.

  • Air Cut-Off Tools

    Speedaire air cut-off tools operate on compressed air and are designed to remove mufflers & tailpipes in exhaust replacement applications. They offer a maximum rotational speed of 22000 rpm and operating pressure of 90 psi, and can easily cut through sheet metal, nuts and bolts.

  • Air Disc Sanders

    Speedaire air disc sanders are designed for paint removal, shaping filler patches, weld smoothing and rust removal by using air power. They feature composite housing to withstand a maximum operating pressure of 90 psi and provide a maximum rotational speed of 16500 rpm.

  • Air Drills

    Speedaire air drills offer speed, accuracy and consistent power for a range of drilling tasks using compressed air. They feature an ergonomic design for use in hard to reach and limited space applications. They are available in light, general and industrial duty rated models.

  • Air Grinders

    Speedaire air grinders are used for heavy grinding, porting, deburring, cutting & sanding operations, as well as high speed polishing & grinding in confined areas. They feature a maximum rotational speed of 15000 rpm at airflow of 25 cfm.

  • Air Gun Accessories

    Speedaire air gun accessories include swivel / manifold / elbow swivel air guns, chip shields, extension tubes & sandblasting gun bags to enhance, repair and maintain pneumatic tools for extended life.

  • Air Gun Nozzles

    Speedaire air gun nozzles are designed for use with pneumatic and compressed air tools to reduce air consumption for economical use of compressed air, while lowering noise levels. Extension tubes, safety nozzles, needle nozzles and nozzle sets are also available.

  • Air Guns

    Speedaire syphon spray guns are suitable for spraying oils, solvents, cleaners, insecticides and coatings. They feature a standard nozzle, aluminium / steel body and max operating pressure of 232 psi. Sandblasting and air gun kits are also available.

  • Air Hammers

    Speedaire air hammers are used for removal of slag after arc welding. They feature operating pressure of 90 psi and an air inlet port of 3/8 inch NPT.

  • Air Impact Wrenches

    Speedaire air impact wrenches are powered by pressurised air and are capable of delivering up to 1600 blows per minute. They are ideal for high-torque applications, feature a pistol grip design with trigger actuation for comfortable operation and are available in D-handle style.

  • Air Nailers

    Ideal for driving pins and nails more accurately, quickly and with less effort as compared to manual hammers and staplers. Feature high heat dissipatioon rates and reduce the operator's fatigue, thereby extending the tool life. Offered in clipped and full-round head options

  • Air Nibblers and Shears

    Used for precise cutting operations in thick sheet metals with minimum edge distortions. Deliver a maximum air flow rate of 21.2 cfm at full-load condition. Available in lengths of 6.937, 7.625 & 9.0625 inches

  • Air Pencil Grinders

    Powered by compressed air to blend contours, grind the inside of holes, smooth or finish molds, and deburr parts. Equipped with ball bearings to reduce the frictional losses and prevent lubricant leakage. Available in 5.25 and 7.125 inch length options

  • Air Polishers and Buffers

    Designed to buff, clean and shine concrete, granite and metal surfaces. Deliver free no-load speeds up to 2500 rpm and can handle a maximum pressure of 90 psi. Available in composite and aluminum handle options

  • Air Ratchets

    Pneumatic ratchet torque wrenches suitable for tightening or loosening low-to-medium bolts and nuts. Deliver a maximum torque output and no-load free speed of 90 ft-lb and 350 rpm free speed, respectively. Available in lengths ranging between 5.25 & 14 inches

  • Air Sanders

    Suitable for removing rust & paint, as well as to smooth out automotive parts and metalworking pieces for providing a swirl-free finish. Capable of delivering faster material removal rates, as compared to electric sanders. Offered in 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.75 & 0.8 hp variants

  • Air Saws

    General- / industrial-duty reciprocating saws designed for making straight and curved cuts on metal, steel, fibreglass, wood and plastic surfaces. Capable of accessing compact spaces and carrying out operations with a single hand. Deliver full-load speeds up to 10 cfm

  • Air Scarifier Accessories
  • Air Screwdrivers

    Equipped with an internal clutch adjustment and forward & reverse valves for smooth handling during light-duty assembly and repair applications. Can withstand a maximum pressure of 90 psi. Offered in pistol & straight handle options

  • Air Staplers

    Air-powered staple guns ideal for finishing, framing, roofing and flooring tasks. Feature 360-degree adjustable exhaust ports to keep dust and debris away from the workpiece. Handle air pressures ranging from 70 to 110 psi

  • Air Tapping Tools

    Widely used for thread tapping applications to provide maximum torque and spindle speed. Feature quick-change tool holders ensuring low friction and reduced downtime. Deliver free speeds up to 250 rpm at a maximum air pressure rating of 120 psi

  • Die Grinders

    Air die grinders used to grind, shape and sand materials in metalworking, carpentry, welding and HVAC services. Can be used with either mounted grinding stones or carbide burs to deliver full-load speeds up to 22 cfm

  • Engraving Pens

    General-duty engraving pens designed to make precise & permanent marks on wood, ceramic, plastic and metallic surfaces. Feature a plastic housing to prevent the ingress of external contaminants. Require a constant supply of compressed air to deliver speeds up to 3400 bpm

  • Needle Scalers

    Used to remove mill scales, old paints and rust from metal surfaces in confined spaces, corners and curved areas. Capable of delivering speeds up to 4600 bpm. Offered in lengths ranging from 12.5 to 18.125 inches

  • Riveters

    Air riveters designed to quickly drive rivets into fibreglass roofs, window blinds, hanger straps and wind guards. Feature aluminum / composite construction for excellent reflectivity, high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. Offered in lengths ranging between 8.9 & 13.375 inches

  • Swivel Connectors

    Employ rotational or swivelling motion to eliminate compression and kinking of pneumatic tubing lines. Provide a secured connection between tubes and compatible air hoses for maintaining an optimum air flow condition. Available in 1/4 & 3/8 inch barb size options

Compressed Air TreatmentView all

  • Air Line Lockout Valves

    Speedaire air line lockout valves are manufactured to prevent accidental machine start-up during service and maintenance operations. They are capable of withstanding temperature and pressure up to 175 degrees F and 300 psi, respectively.

  • Air Regulators

    Speedaire air regulators are designed to control the input pressure in air lines of pneumatic tools. They feature an aluminum / zinc body capable of withstanding pressure up to 450 psi and have a maximum air flow rate of 2000 cfm.

  • Coalescing Filter Elements

    Speedaire coalescing filter elements comprise carbon elements, coalescing filter elements, oil removal elements & carbon filters. The 0.01 micron compressed air filters feature microglass media. They are designed to trap contaminants, airborne particles & oil vapours and are available in flow rates ranging from 12 to 500 CFM.

  • Compressed Air Filters

    Speedaire compressed air filters, also known as line filters, are designed for removing contaminants from compressed air after compression. These air filters trap dirt & impurities, in addition to removing moisture, to provide better compressor airflow.

  • Desiccant Dryers

    Speedaire desiccant dryers are designed to remove dust, dirt, water vapour and oil aerosols. They feature activated charcoal filters ideal for paint spray applications and are available in 4 & 5 stage variants.

  • Filter Regulator Lubricators (FRL)

    Speedaire filter regulator lubricators are ideal for protecting downstream components like cylinders and valves, from damage caused by pipe scales, rust, paints or reduced air flow to equipment. These FRLs are capable of handling pressure up to 250 psi at a maximum airflow rate of 186 cfm.

  • Filter/Regulators

    Speedaire filter / regulators come with an air filter and a regulator in a single unit. They are ideal for removing airborne particles from the compressed air supply, along with providing controlled & consistent air flow pressure. These units are provided with a seperator and shield compartments for effectively separating moisture from the compressed air and a regulator for maintaining smooth & steady pressure.

  • General Purpose Filter Elements

    Speedaire general purpose filter elements include activated carbon, compressed air & general purpose filter elements, and pre-filter elements. The activated carbon elements feature 0.01 micron rated nanopor microglass media suitable for removing oil odours and vapours. They are available in flow rates ranging from 15 to 1300 CFM.

  • Oil Removal Filters

    Speedaire oil removal filters are used to eliminate oil odour & vapour, as well as trapped moisture, for better airflow in compressors. They are capable of delivering airflow up to 1668 cfm at a maximum pressure of 290 psi.

  • Oil/Water Separators

    Speedaire oil / water separators are used to trap and hold emulsified polyglycols, coolants, silicones and oils, seperating them from compressor condensate. They allow smooth & no-mess disposal, without the need for changing charcoal bags & filters. These separators can withstand temperatures ranging between 32 & 140 degrees F.

  • Pneumatic Condensate Separators

    Integrated with a centrifugal airflow pattern to remove bulky pollutants from the compressed air stream. Feature an auto-drain facility for automatic drainage of dirt and condensate particles. Deliver air flow rates up to 1950 cfm

  • Pneumatic Lubricators
  • Pneumatic Modular FRL Accessories

    Wide range of installation and replacement accessories, like air fuses, covers, drains, filter clamps, filter wall mount sets, mist eliminators, mounting brackets, pipe adapters, speed clamp modular connectors and T handle conversion kits

  • Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

    Used to suppress the dew point of compressed air by removing the last trace of moisture. Feature epoxy powder coated finish to ensure excellent abrasion and impact resistance. Can handle pressures up to 250 psi

  • Regenerative Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers
  • Replacement Desiccant For Dryers

    Replacement cartridges designed to dry limited volume of air at the point of application. Made of silica gel for providing high thermal stability. Compatible with Speedaire 2YNL4 desiccant air dryers

Pneumatic System ComponentsView all

  • Cylinder Mounting Hardware

    Includes mounting kits, eye & clevis brackets, foot & flange mounts, mounting brackets, rod clevis & eyes, couplers and switch mounts for mounting a variety of air cylinders. Flange mounts prevent misalignments and provide strength & rigidity. Ideal for small-bore cylinders

  • Cylinder Position Sensors
  • Float Operated Drain Valves

    Designed to provide a clean airflow path in compressed air systems by preventing blockages and ensuring good quality air. As soon as water exceeds the desired level, an automatic drain mechanism opens the port to drain excess water. Aluminium construction with a max pressure rating of 232 PSI

  • Metric Mounting Hardware

    Mounting kits come with bracket & mounting hardware used to mount metric air cylinders. Feature zinc-plated steel construction for bore sizes of 40, 50, 63, 80 and 100 mm. Also available in clear anodised aluminium and painted steel variants

  • Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Pneumatic Grippers
  • Pneumatic Muffler

    Includes breather vents and exhaust, silencer & speed control mufflers. Used in pneumatic systems such as valves & cylinders for cleaning exhaust air and reducing noise produced during operation. Available in aluminium, brass, nickel-plated steel and nylon variants

  • Pneumatic Zero Loss Condensate Drains

    Designed to remove condensate without losing or wasting compressed air. Feature a level activated (float operated drain valve) electronic sensor for opening and closing the valve. Aluminium construction with 2 NPT inlet ports


About Speedaire

Speedaire, a Grainger brand, offers a wide variety of high quality pneumatic tools and equipment. Its product line includes compressors, pressure switches, pneumatic cylinders and compressed air filters that are designed to perform under high pressure conditions. Speedaire pneumatic air cylinders are ideal for applications where a magnetic sensing piston is not required. These compact cylinders feature stainless steel construction to withstand temperatures ranging between -40 & 200 degrees F and pressure up to 200 psi. These pneumatic cylinders have an end cap made of aluminium to provide high thermal efficiency and have silver finish to ensure excellent solderability. Speedaire air regulators are designed for controlling the input pressure in air lines of pneumatic tools. These compressed air tools feature zinc / aluminium construction for resisting corrosion on exposed surfaces and to withstand pressure up to 450 psi. These Speedaire air regulators deliver a maximum flow rate of 2000 cfm and are available in lengths ranging from 4 to 13.25 inches.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Some Speedaire tools cross individual references to the equivalent Ingersoll Rand model numbers. So, if you're looking for a competitor tool that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Speedaire tool available.


These Speedaire tools range from small to large sizes. They may require careful packaging as some tools may get damaged while shipping. Hence, these Speedaire tools are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

Speedaire Competitive Advantages

Speedaire Auto Drain Valves

These auto drain valves are ideal for draining condensed water & oil from filters, aftercoolers, moisture separators, dryers and air receiver tanks. These timed electric drain valves come equipped with an adjustable electronic timer for automatic opening & closing of valves. These Speedaire auto drain valves feature a filter ball valve for controlling high pressure flow rates and reducing frictional losses. Models from the 38X Series, such as 38XT33 & 38XR59, can handle temperatures ranging from 35 to 95 degrees F, while models from the 13X Series, such as 13X524, 13X525, 13X526 & 13X528, have an operating temperature range of 14 to 140 degrees F.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a timer drain valve?

Timer operated drain valves are reliable and cost effective valves that periodically open the drain's valve for a specific amount of time. The valve may be open for a few seconds every hour for the removal of the collected condensate.

What is an auto drain?

An automatic drain is a 2/2 valve that closes when the system is subjected to a particular pressure. The drain opens when liquid gets accumulated and allows the float to rise on depressurisation.

How do auto drain valves work?

Auto drain valves allow condensate to settle down into the condensation reservoir of the valve. When the liquid present in the reservoir rises up to the point where seats get lifted by the float, controlled air pressure is sent to the pneumatic piston for opening the typically closed 3/4 ported ball valve.

Are Speedaire timed electric auto drain valves dust proof?

Yes, Speedaire timed electric auto drain valves come equipped with an IP65 rated enclosure to provide excellent dust resistance.

Should you leave your air compressor drain valve open?

Ideally, you should drain the moisture tank after each day's use. If the unit remains unused for a while, it is recommended to leave the drain valve open till the time it is used next. This will help moisture to drain out completely and also resist corrosion on the inner surface of the tank.

What is the pressure handling capacity of Speedaire timed electric auto drain valves?

Speedaire timed electric auto drain valves are capable of withstanding pressures ranging from 250 to 4000 psi.

What happens if the air compressor is not drained?

If air compressors are not drained properly, the drain will rust up and not be functional after a while. The tank will also get filled with water instead of air, and water will flow out of the air hose.

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