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Voltage Regulation

For over 60 years, SOLA has been providing high-quality measuring tools used in civil engineering and interior construction applications. Its versatile product catalogue includes folding rules, screeding levels, long and short tapes, squares, chalk line reels, marking products and laser distance meters. SOLA KB Series marking pencils' lead-mixing ratios are tested to provide highly visible markings, even on wet or rough surfaces and feature a limewood outer casing which makes them easy to sharpen. These pencils also have high-graphite construction for providing an optimum writing performance and a non-toxic varnish finish to withstand aggressive usage. For horizontal and vertical plane measurements in framing applications, SOLA box levels come equipped with the patented SOLA FOCUS vial for accurate & faster readings and a break-resistant acrylic block vial with a magnifying lens for leakage protection. They are designed to provide a high measuring accuracy in both standard and inverted positions and also have a SOLA luminous backing facility for easy readability in dim-light conditions. Choose from a wide variety of these levels along with other brand products, such as inclinometers and digital & torpedo levels on Raptor Supplies, an authorised SOLA distributor.