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Hand Tools

Pullers and Separators

  • Pullers

    Hammer union tips, large and small strike wrenches, large and small cup drivers, hook cups, etc. used for pulling jobs that involve gears, bearings and oil seals. Used with impact strike or slugging style wrenches

  • Push-Puller Accessories

    Includes curved chisel tips, bucket tooth pin removers, bushing driver adapters, bucket tooth pin inserters, pin drivers, tire bead breakers and related accessories used in removing bearing cups, oil seals, etc. in automotive workshops

  • Slide Hammer Accessories

    Includes bolts, caps, hammer tips, pin drivers, adjustment screws, bucket tooth pin removers, drive bars and pin inserters used to remove old and worn-out parts in a slide hammer

  • Slide Hammers

    Includes slide hammers with pin drivers, HE tool assortments with wall racks, mechanical sets, pin driver sets and related accessories used for pulling jobs involving gears, bearings, oil seals and more

Power Tools

Tool Storage

  • Carrying Cases

    Nylon tool bags and cases used to store multi-head hammers and various other tools

Slide Sledge manufactures high-quality sledge hammers, wall mounts & displays and heavy-duty equipment kits for agriculture, military, mining, petrochemical and railroad industries. The Slide Sledge product catalogue includes precision, pull & Multi-Head hammers; hammer tips; tool cases; bucket tooth pin inserters; separator forks / adapters; lock pins; driver bar thread caps; and extension tubes. The cylindrical body of the brand's sliding sledge hammers consists of a drive bar which slides inside the cylinder with a linear motion for maximum impact. Slide Sledge Multi-Head hammers feature a quick-change mechanism allowing usage of multiple tips with the same hammer. These hammers are further equipped with a patented impact delivery system that maximises the power delivery to the driver tips and prevents the occurrence of glancing blows. They also permit additional handle weights to be attached with the hammers for a maximum striking force and come with a nylon tool bag for added protection. Best suited for use with Slide Sledge hammers, the brand's separator forks are ideal for separating ball joints & tie rods and are offered in body lengths of 11/16, 15/16 and 11/8 inches. Choose from a wide range of these separator forks and other company products such as chisel tips, tire bread breakers, hook cup drivers, miner adaptors and mechanical tool cases on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Slide Sledge distributor.