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Hose Reels

  • Cable Reels

    Static-discharge grounding cable reels designed for use with fuel trucks to avoid sparks or explosions. Feature permanently lubricated bearings, a spring-return drive and a ratchet-locking latch

  • Hose Reel Accessories

    Includes rectangular, round and square hose roller guides and reel carts for applications in ground maintenance, pressure wash and pest control services

  • Hose Reel Mounting Brackets

    Installation accessories, such as pivot brackets, swivels, channel bracket adapters and wall-mount swings, for use with hose reels

  • Lead Hoses

    2- and 3-ft-long lead hoses used for transferring air and water of temperatures up to 150 degrees F and pressures up to 300 psi. Feature dual MNPT connections

  • Motor Driven and Hand Crank Hose Reels

    Hand crank and motor-driven hose reels featuring an all-bolted unitised construction and a steel frame. Ideal for applications requiring long hose length

  • Spring Return Hose Reels

    Durable Reelcraft hose reels with a steel base, a full flow swivel and a latch cam. Designed to withstand pressures up to 5000 psi and ideal for applications in combustible environment for grounding purposes

Replacement Parts

  • Parts

    Includes commonly used replacement parts for damaged reels, such as hose reel bumpers, hose assemblies, spring cases, hose reel swivels, service kits, spray valves and spring arbors

Pneumatics Hoses

  • Air Hoses

    Can withstand pressures up to 300 psi and operate at temperatures ranging from 0 to 150 degrees F. Available in different lengths and diameters (inside and outside)


Arc Welders and Plasma Cutter Consumables and Accessories

  • Arc Welding Cable Reels

    Hand-crank and spring-operated cable reels ideal for storing arc cables in welding stations. Feature a self-locking latch for added safety and offered in floor, wall, ceiling, bench and truck mounting options

Welding Supplies

  • Welding Hose

    Grade-T twin-welding hoses for carrying MAPP, propane, natural and fuel gases of pressures up to 200 psi. Feature a rubber body with 1/4-inch hose diameter (I.D.)

Gas Welding Equipment

  • Gas Welding Hose Reels

    Heavy-duty hose reels used to store welding hoses carrying oxygen, acetylene, fuel gas or propane of temperatures up to 250 degrees F. Capable of accommodating 1/4 or 3/8 inch (O.D.) hoses


Extension Cords and Outlet Strips

  • Extension Cord Reels

    Includes retractable, motor-driven and hand-wind Reelcraft industrial hose reels designed to avoid tangling and kinking of electrical cords and ensure effective wire management. Available in up to 50 ft. cord length


Hand and Portable Lamps

  • Hand Lamps

    Fluorescent hand lamps featuring a safety mechanism at the plug-end to prevent unintentional unplugging. Operate on a 125 VAC power source

Outdoor Equipment

Hoses and Sprinkler Systems

  • Garden Hose Reels Carts and Hangers

    50-foot spring-retractable hose reels ideal for both mobile and permanent-mount fuel delivery or fleet maintenance applications. Feature a guide arm capable of adjusting to up to 7 positions

Power Tools

Fastening Tools

  • Tool Balancer

    Designed to reduce equipment load (max. 10 lb) in repetitive lifting applications and prevent unintentional dropping of tools. Available in 6- and 8-ft cable length variants

Reelcraft is a leading ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of high-quality fluid delivery products for applications in light-, medium- and heavy-duty automotive industries. The Reelcraft Hose Reel catalogue includes a wide range of air, water, twin hydraulic, oil, grease, vacuum, fuel & gas, cord and cable, chemical delivery and welding hose reels. Reelcraft L70000 Series retractable cord reels have all-steel construction and are therefore, ideal for handling air, water, oil and grease transfer operations. These heavy-duty cord reels feature stainless steel pins along with a rugged base design that offers strength and handles job-site abuse. For reeling electrical cords, Reelcraft 30000 Series cord reels come equipped with self-locking, vibration-proof fasteners for ensuring the assembly integrity. These reels also have a high-quality powder coating to provide immunity against the most abrasive materials and are, therefore, best suited for non-weathertight, indoor applications. Choose from a wide variety of these cord reels and other company products, such as tool balancers, air hoses, hand lamps, mounting brackets and hose reel accessories on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Reelcraft distributor.