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HVAC Motors

  • Brushless ECM Motors

    UL-recognised direct drive and unit-bearing fan motors used in various refrigeration applications, such as ice machines, freezers and vending machines. Available in steel and aluminium frames

  • Unit Bearing Motors

    High-efficiency ROHS-compliant motors with a single sleeve bearing and output ratings between 4W and 25W. Feature a totally enclosed air-over aluminium housing and are widely used in various commercial refrigeration and evaporator fan applications

Morrill, a brand of Regal Beloit Corporation, has been offering a variety of electric motors for various commercial refrigeration applications for more than 60 years. The Morrill Motors catalogue includes brushless ECM motors and unit bearing motors. The brand's UL-recognised brushless ECM motors are direct-drive fan motors widely used in condenser and evaporator fans, coolers, freezers and vending machines. These Morrill fan motors have variants available with ball or unit bearings and come in steel and aluminium frames.