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Hand Tools

Punches Chisels and Hand Drills

  • Center Punches

    Widely used for piercing or marking the centre a hole when drilling metals. Feature black oxide / shot blast finish for corrosion resistance

  • Chisels

    Steel made, full-shank heat treated chisels designed to deliver clean cuts and defined marks. Available in cape, hexagonal, cold, diamond point, half round and half round nose variants

  • Hand Held Punches

    American-made rugged punches used for making precise holes in sheet metals and removing damaged rivets, bolts or pins. Available in different styles, point sizes and lengths needed for different punching applications

  • Nail Sets

    3-Piece hardcap nail sets containing CV steel nails of 1/32, 2/32 and 3/32 inch point diameter. Feature a large striking surface to eliminate flying metal fragments, glancing blows and hammer kickback

  • Punch and Chisel Sets

    Includes punch and chisel sets designed for easy removal of pins, bushings and stripped screws in different carpentry, automotive repair and metalwork projects. Made from S-2 grade steel and full-shank heat treated for maximum strength. Available in 3 to 36 pc variants

Inspection and Retrieving Tools

  • Inspection Mirrors

    Allow the operator to view or magnify hard-to-reach places. Feature the original Mayhew patented design of a 180-degree swivel to hold the head of the mirror in place. Come equipped with a stethoscope tool for sound identification

  • Inspection Retrieving Tool Kits

    Includes torch kit, multi tool kit and inspection pick up tool kit used for inspecting equipment and retrieving small objects from places that are hard to reach. Each kit includes a magnet, a mirror, a magnifier, a coupler and a stainless-steel antenna.

  • Magnetic Pickups

    Used to easily retrieve metal objects, clean up metal shavings or pick up sharp iron objects that could cause injury. Available in flexible / telescoping / mirror variants

Screwdrivers and Nutdrivers

  • Screwdriver Sets

    Three-piece screwdriver sets comprising two keystone slotted and one Phillips screwdriver featuring black oxide tips, an extended blade and an ergonomically designed fluted handle

  • Screwdrivers

    Slip-resistant keystone slotted, Phillips / crosspoint and Phillips screwdrivers featuring a fluted / cushion grip handle for easy operation. Variants with up to 19 inches shank length also available


  • Bar Pipe and L Clamps

    Alloy steel bar clamps with cast iron jaws featuring a ball bearing mechanism and sealed threads to ensure precision clamping. Designed to withstand dust, welding spatter and oxidation and can exert nominal clamping pressures up to 4800 lb

  • Clamp Accessories

    Includes magnetic jaw set used with Sureforce clamps for precise and powerful clamping with less effort. Used for providing a secure grip for square, round or flat metal surfaces. Can handle high-impact work environments that include dust, oxidation and welding spatter

Drywall and Plastering Tools

  • Putty Knife and Scraper Sets

    4-Piece scraper / carbon-scraper sets comprising scrapers with straight / curved blades to remove gasket, rust, paint or carbon build-up. Available in polypropylene and plastic handle variants

  • Putty/Joint Knives Spatulas Scrapers

    Used for different smoothing and scraping jobs, including removing carbon build-up, rust, paints and floor tiles. Available in blade lengths up to 17 inches

Hammers and Striking Tools

  • Picks Riveting/Chipping Hammers

    Steel made picks and hammers used for removing welding slag from a weld and welding spatter. Feature a PVC handle and available in head lengths up to 6 - 1 / 2 inches

Measuring and Layout Tools

  • Scribers and Probes

    Used for scribing lines, removing O-rings and cotter pins, and breaking radiator connections in automotive and electrical applications. Available in straight, 90 degree, curved and complex hook tips for optimum use

Prying Tools

  • Nail Pullers Wrecking and Pry Bars

    Ideal for pulling, prying and removing stubborn nails with less effort from wooden fixtures. Also used for lifting and positioning applications requiring greater leverage. Available in different sizes and thicknesses


Pneumatic Tools

  • Air Guns

    Pistol grip extended air guns designed for use in tight and hard-to-reach spaces. Allow precise air release and are easy to manoeuvre. Available in 1 / 4 inch NPT and FNPT inlet sizes

  • Percussion Tools

    Pneumatic chisels and taper punches made of heat-treated alloy steel for long service life. Widely used for cutting metal, driving out stuck bolts or pins, removing rust and breaking up concrete

Replacement Parts

  • Parts

    Includes handle and mandrel sets for use with a Mayhew 66002 hollow punch set. The mandrel comes with four levels of circumference each with a shallow groove in its side and dual cutting head that allows user to punch concentric circles in one strike.


Machining Supplies

  • Screw/Bolt Extractor Sets

    Includes four-piece screw extractor sets used for removing broken screws. Feature fluted cutting edges to allow easy removal of damaged screws

For more than 160 years, Mayhew has been providing a wide range of high-quality chisels, punches, pry bars and speciality automotive tools for use in hardware, construction and automotive industries. The brand's extensive product line includes centre punches, brass drift punches, brass drift sets, dominator pry bars and cold chisels. Mayhew center punches feature a variable point sizing facility ideal for marking and piercing both small and large drill holes and a black oxide / shot blast finish to ensure protection from rust. These are available in 4 - 6.25 inch length and 1/4 - 5/8 inch diameter options. Mayhew cold chisels are designed for cutting and shaping metallic workpieces that are comparatively softer than the chisel cutting edge. These chisels feature steel / CV steel construction for abrasion resistance and a cutting-edge angle design to ensure high strength throughout the operation. These chisels come in a black oxide finish for preventing oxidation of the exposed surfaces and are available in 1/4 to 3/4 hex sizes. Choose from a wide range of these Mayhew tools along with air guns, inspection kits, punch sets and clamp accessories on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.