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HVAC and Refrigeration

A/C Refrigeration

  • A/C Refrigeration Accessories

    Steel-made nitrogen purging adapters used to connect manifold gauge hoses with ACR pipes quickly and easily. Have a maximum working pressure of 500 psi

  • Halogen Leak Detectors

    Feature electrochemical sensors / infrared technology to detect leakage of CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants in freezers and air conditioners

  • Manifold Gauge Set Accessories

    Includes high-quality JB manifold gauge set accessories such as replacement gauges, liquid charging adapters, quick couplers and charging hoses. Can withstand pressures up to 1000 psi and come in different connection sizes

  • Manifold Gauge Sets

    Designed to diagnose and repair damaged air conditioning and stationary refrigeration units. Can be used with R-22, R-404 and R-410A refrigerants

  • Refrigerant Evacuation Pumps

    Used to eliminate all unwanted gases and moisture from a refrigerant system. Feature complete metal construction with brass fittings, a 2-stage direct drive, drain valves sealed with O-rings, a low-profile rocker switch and a capacitor-start motor

  • Refrigerant Scales

    Refrigerant charging scales used for measuring the weight of refrigerant cylinders in decimal pounds, pounds, ounces and kilograms

  • Refrigeration Access Valves

    Intended to provide an easy access point to a cooler system and can be used with HVAC systems, capillary tubing and CFC / HCFC / HFC refrigerants. Have maximum working pressure of 800 psi and are offered in different internal and external diameters, and lengths

Refrigeration Test Equipment

  • Gauges and Electronics

    Compact micron gauges featuring an extended range sensor that measures in Microns, PSIA, inHg, Pascals, Torr, mTorr and mBar. Come in a rugged carrying case


Air Compressor Accessories

  • Compressor Oil

    Extremely refined hydro-processed mineral oil for use in any vacuum pump. Can operate at temperatures ranging from -29 to 514 degrees Fahrenheit

Replacement Parts

  • Parts

    Seal caps, pump repair kits, 115 / 230 v motors, cartridge valve repair kits, flex couplers, valve cores and multi-step access valves for use in various air and water service applications.

Adhesives Sealants and Tape

Glues and Cements

  • Epoxy

    Carbon-free certified heat-seals for use on ceramic, glass and metal surfaces to repair cracks and holes on high and low side of HVAC systems in 90 seconds

Hand Tools

Plumbing Tools

  • Flaring And Swaging Tools

    Eccentric cone flaring tools for use with HVAC and refrigeration systems to connect gas pipes and copper tubings. Feature internal clutch to prevent over-torquing

Test Instruments

Pressure and Vacuum Measuring

  • Pressure and Vacuum Gauges

    Designed for use with pumps, motors and compressors to measure hydraulic pressure up to 800 psi. Feature replaceable hose holder fittings for easy storage

JB Industries is a leading manufacturer of American made, engineered and tested HVAC / R fittings and instruments. Its extensive catalogue includes vacuum pumps, manifolds, gauges, leak detectors, hoses, scales, locking caps, access and ball valves, capillary tubing, tubing tools and brass fittings. JB vacuum pumps come with all-metal construction with a finned aluminium housing and feature a two-stage direct drive with 1/2 hp capacitor for handling up to 15-micron vacuum ratings. These pumps are further equipped with an O-ring sealed drain valve and tethered safety cap to prevent leaks and oil spills, and a thermal overload protection facility for preventing hazards.
The brand's standard two valve manifolds are offered in a full-flow design enabling faster evacuation / charging, thereby ideal for diagnosing and repairing air conditioning and stationary refrigeration units. These come equipped with surge dampened gauges offering reduced needle movement and an angled bar for minimal knuckle interference in rotating hand wheels. Choose from a wide range of these manifold gauge sets, available with hoses on Raptor Supplies, an authorised JB Industries distributor.