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Founded in 1981, Intermatic is a leading developer of energy-management solutions, including surge protection, low voltage transformers, sensors, weatherproof covers and time-based energy control products in the retail, office, educational, and commercial markets. It is headquartered in Libertyville, Illinois, United States. Read More





Test Instruments

Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance

Electrical Filter

TimersView all

  • Cycle Timers

    Intermatic cycle timers are used to turn industrial or home appliances ON and OFF up to 8 times per day. They can handle electric motor loads up to 1 HP & resistance loads up to 20 A. These timers feature repeat cycling for ON times.

  • Defrost Timer Control

    Intermatic defrost timer controls are used for precise control of hot or electronic gas defrost systems. They feature terminal wiring & identification for easy & rapid installation. Before the programmed defrost termination time, the timer can be terminated by pressure / temperature switches.

  • Electromechanical Timers

    Intermatic electromechanical timers are dependable time switches that can handle electrical load up to 40A per pole. They permit up to 12 ON / OFF operations per day. These timers feature a manual override switch for convenience and come with one ON / OFF tripper.

  • Electronic Timers

    Intermatic electronic timers are designed to allow up-to-the-minute programming and feature a selector switch to identify input voltage between 120 & 277 VAC. They provide battery backup in case of power loss and can time up to 28 total events.

  • Plug-In Wall Switch Timers

    Digital and mechanical plug-in timers with manual override for indoor and outdoor applications. Used to automatically switch lamps, computers and other electrical devices OFF after a preset time

  • Spring Wound Timers

    Includes a variety of FF and FD Series Intermatic spring wound timers in SPST, DPST and SPDT switch types

  • Timer Accessories

    Includes trippers, door assemblies, Ethernet modules, surge suppressors, time clock motors and 4-circuit relay modules used in timer control devices

SwitchesView all

  • Lighting Photocontrol Accessories

    Includes photocontrol receptacles & receptacles with brackets that are easy to join via ultrasonic welds. Receptables feature 3-prong sockets to guard against electric shocks and adhere to ANSI C136.10 standards. DC relays have zero-crossing circuitry for extended life

  • Lighting Photocontrols

    Conformal coated PCBs ideal for LED fixtures; feature DC relay with a zero-crossing circuit for extended life. Can exceed 10000 ON/OFF switching cycles and are available in voltages ranging between 105 and 480 VAC and a maximum power output of 7200 W

Electrical BoxesView all

  • Weatherproof Box Covers

    Waterproof polycarbonate / die cast aluminium box covers featuring a self-closing lid to protect electrical connections, switches or ports from moisture and weather exposure

TransformersView all

  • Single Phase Transformers

    CSA and UL compliant 100 / 300 / 600 VA transformers commonly used with submersible fixtures, pool lights and decorative lights. Feature built-in circuit protection for auto shut-off during overload and grounded shield for extra safety

Counters and Hour MetersView all

  • Hour Meters

    Designed to track & display the time period for which a particular machine has been used. Round-faced, flush-mounted & fastened with a plastic slip-on retaining bracket to secure meter in position. Available in screw and 1/4 inch spade & screw terminal types

About Intermatic

The brand's catalogue offers a wide range of products, such as time switches, transformers, time controls, energy controls, meters, weatherproof covers, and HVAC/R controls. Intermatic FM1 Series panel mount timers are dependable time switches to handle electrical loads up to 40A per pole. These Intermatic timers permit up to 12 ON / OFF operations per day. They feature a manual override switch for convenience and come with one ON / OFF tripper. The brand's spring-wound timers are used to serve as a direct replacement for conventional wall switches, eliminating the need for electrical power to function. These Intermatic timer switches autonomously restrict the duration of operation for fans, lighting, motors, heaters and other energy-intensive loads. They feature a plastic-constructed plate (brushed metal appearance plate) for structural rigidity and ease of portability.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Intermatic MPNs cross individual references to the equivalent Power First, Diehl and Tork model numbers. So, if you are looking for competitor items that are either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Intermatic available.


These Intermatic products are small in size. They require careful packaging as some items might get damaged while shipping. Hence, these items are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

Major Trade Names

Intermatic Competitive Advantages

Intermatic ICUBE Technology

This technology is used with defrost type Intermatic timers for reducing the overall defrost frequency in coolers/freezers. It continuously monitors the evaporator coil temperature in large freezers & walk-in coolers and allows defrosting at programmed timer intervals.

NightFox Pro Photocontrols

These customisable electronic photo controls have zero-crossing electronic circuitry for minimising inrush current impact on the system. They have conformal coated PCB assemblies for protecting the device against moist environments, chemical solvents and air particulates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix Intermatic timers?

Users can fix Intermatic timers by checking input power rating, time resetting, renewing timer / gear motor or renewing the ON / OFF trippers.

How to wire Intermatic photocells?

The red wire of Intermatic photocells should be connected to the load and green to the ground.

How to set an Intermatic timer switch?

Press the ON / OFF button on the timer after installation and use the plus or minus keys to set the hour.

How do Intermatic timers work?

These timers feature a mechanical dial that controls (powers ON / OFF) the devices connected to the timer.

How does an Intermatic timer switch work?

Once the timer is configured, an internal mechanism within the timer commences monitoring the elapsed time. At specific intervals, whether they are pre-established or adaptable, this internal mechanism triggers into action, initiating the switch and affecting the programmed action of turning it either ON or OFF.

What are the different types of timer switches?

Various timer switches include mechanical, digital, astronomic and photocell timer switches.

What is the difference between a relay and a timer?

Relays function as switches, utilising either electromechanical or electronic means to open and close circuits. Timers, on the other hand, oversee the timing aspect in scenarios where actions necessitate delay or loads require sustained operation for a pre-defined duration.

Brand Exclusive Products