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Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance

Automotive Electrical

  • Automotive Lamps and Bulbs

    A variety of miniature lamps and bulbs used to replace burned out flashlights, automobile interior bulbs, & automotive dash and tail lights. Available in different shapes, sizes and mounting types

  • Battery Accessories

    Includes alligator clips; battery cables, trays, ground straps & terminals; hold down sets; bolts; and other accessories used to replace old and damaged parts of batteries

  • Flashers Turn Signal Switches

    Used to repair and replace blinkers, emergency flashers and other automotive lights. Available in voltage ratings ranging from 9 to 24 volts



Braces and Brackets

  • Brackets

    ABS, polycarbonate, cast-aluminium, stainless-steel and rubber mounting brackets and corner braces used to provide structural support to automotive lights and lamps. Available in different mounting types and diameters

Hardware Supplies



  • Flux Dispensers

    2 oz bottles of solder flux used to improve electrical connections by filling surface irregularities and corrosion points

Grote is a leading manufacturer of LED lights and lighting products for heavy trucks, trailers and passenger vehicles. The Grote Lights catalogue includes automotive lamps and bulbs, reflectors, replacement lenses, wire connectors, truck mirrors and vehicle warning lights. The company also manufactures a complete line of rugged and reliable Grote LED work lights. These can be easily mounted on logging vehicles, heavy equipment and emergency vehicles.