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  • CFL Ballasts

    RoHS-compliant ballasts used to provide sufficient start-up voltage to CFL bulbs. Can be used with up to 3 lamps simulataneously and are available in ProLine, UltraMax and UltraStart variants

  • Dimming Ballasts

    High-quality ballasts manufactured with multi-voltage technology to provide anti-striation control. Feature UL-compliant design for high temperature resistance and to prevent arcing

  • Electronic Ballasts

    RoHS-compliant ballasts (max 229 watts) for use with T5, T8 and T12 lamps. Feature parallel lamp operation for easy maintenance, useful in low-profile housing systems

  • Electronic HID Ballasts

    High-quality electronic HID ballasts (max 167 watts) featuring low frequency square wave design for maximum performance and slim can size for flexibility. Available in 120V and 277V variants

  • HID Ballasts

    Includes indoor-enclosed and dual-volt HID ballasts, and ballast kits; used to provide proper start to HID lamps. Feature remote operation with automated lamp shut-down function in case of failures

Indoor HID Fixtures

  • HID Fixture Accessories

    Includes shorting caps, safety chain kits, hooks, cords, extender cables and wire guards used for the installation of HID lamps

  • HID Fixture Reflectors

    Easy-to-clean reflectors available with socket adapter pans. Used in warehouses, general assemblies and other indoor lighting areas to gain optimal illumination from HID lamps.

Outdoor LED Light Fixtures

Outdoor Area Fixtures


GE Lighting, a division of General Electric, is a leading innovator and provider of highly efficient and optimal lighting solutions. GE Lighting product line includes ballasts, circular and compact fluorescent lamps, LED / HID lamps & bulbs, HID fixture reflectors and LED panels. GE fluorescent lights feature a maximum 6500 K daylight appearance for an invigorating and crispier ambience, ideal for use in high activity areas, such as security checkpoints, garages and other commercial spaces. These circline lamps emit a bluish-white light which offers an uber-cool appearance for an energetic environment and are offered in a maximum light throwing capacity of 3000 lumens at 40 watts. The brand's electronic high-intensity discharge ballasts come in a low-frequency square wave design to control maximum power in an HID system for optimal performance. These ballasts are offered in a slim can size for flexibility and in a maximum power rating of 186 watts. Choose from a wide range of these HID ballasts along with other company products, such as power cables, wire covers and mounting kits on Raptor Supplies, an authorised GE Lighting distributor.