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Fire Protection

  • Fire Hose and Hydrant Adapters

    Hex nipple, pin lug, rocker lug and hex bushing adapters designed to connect similar / dissimilar fire hoses and fire hydrants. Rocker lug caps with an integrated chain also available

  • Fire Hose Reels and Storage Racks

    V-swing fire hose reels widely used for storing collapsible hoses. Feature pivot mounting to allow the reel to swing at proper angles and prevent twists and kinks. Come with 2 wall mounting brackets

  • Industrial and Fire Hose Nozzles

    Brass / polycarbonate twist-to-activate nozzles suitable for general washdown and dust suppression applications. Can easily adjust from straight stream to fog at a maximum flow rate of 117 gpm. Available in NST and NPSH thread variants

  • Spanner and Hydrant Wrenches

    Adjustable, pigtail-adjustable and 5-hole hydrant wrenches suitable for tightening and loosening pin / rocker lug couplings, and pentagon and square hydrant nuts. Hole type spanner wrenches also available


Flow Control Valves

  • Hydrant and Hose Rack Gate Valves

    High-performance hydrant gate valves designed to protect fire hydrants from damage caused by throttling. Feature a non-rising stem for use in compact spaces and a pin lug swivel adapter for quick connection / disconnection. Can withstand a maximum pressure of 175 psi at 70 deg F

Pipe Fittings and Couplings

  • Cam and Groove Fittings

    Includes a variety of adapters, couplers, dust plugs and dust caps ideal for low-pressure fluid-handling applications. Allow quick connection / disconnection and available in forged brass, aluminium and stainless steel


  • Cam and Groove Gaskets

    1/2 inch nitrile gaskets designed to provide a leak-proof and tight seal between couplings in low-pressure applications. Can withstand a maximum pressure of 300 psi


Distribution Equipment

  • Quick Connect Air Couplings

    Interchangeable quick couplers and coupler plugs designed for use with pneumatic tools and hoses to allow them to quickly connect with different equipment. Available in Thor, Bowes, industrial and Tru-Flate automotive variants

Replacement Parts

  • Parts

    Dual-Lock Thor-style locking keys designed to fit couplings with locking sleeves. Can be interchanged with Campbell Double-Lock, National A type and Thor PHC Series couplings. Offered in a pack of 25 pieces

Outdoor Equipment

Pressure Washers and Accessories

  • Pressure Washer Spray Guns and Wands

    Includes pressure spray gun kits comprising a high-performance spray gun providing a maximum pressure rating of 2500 psi and a flow rate of 5.5 gpm. Also, contain an adjustable nozzle with an adjustment range between 0 and 80 degrees

Dixon Valve & Coupling, often referred to as Dixon, offers high-grade hose fittings and related accessories for applications in food and beverage, petroleum processing, refining and mining industries. The company's line of products includes a variety of couplings, valves, clamps, sleeves, hoses, tubings, pumps, spray gun kits, cam & groove fittings, pneumatic fittingsĀ and hydraulic fittings. The brand's fire-hose hex nipple adapters are widely used in firefighting applications to help create a connection between fire hydrants and hoses. These Dixon adapters are made from brass for extended durability and have threaded ends for quick connection.For quick assembly / disassembly of water lines, the company also provides Bowes-style interchange coupler plugs that are designed to highly reduce spillages at a maximum pressure rating of 500 psi. They are interchangeable with Bowes 51000-Series, National Series 'B', MacDonald Quick-Action and Campbell Single-Lock plug variants. Choose from a wide range of these plugs and other Dixon products such as spanner wrenches, hydrant wrenches and fire hose nozzles, on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Dixon distributors.