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Cantex Inc. has been offering a complete line of American-made, non-metallic electrical conduits, fittings, conduit and cable hangers, electrical boxes and box covers for over 60 years. The company manufactures a variety of Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC conduits in different diameters, sizes and thicknesses to be used in walls, floors, ceilings and other underground applications in accordance with the NEC 352 standard. The Cantex PVC conduit is tough, durable and offers high tensile strength, with years of maintenance-free usage. The Cantex Pipe Fittings range includes various easy-to-install PVC fittings, such as adapters, elbows, reducers and couplings, that offer non-conductivity, high tensile strength and resistance to chemicals and acids. Cantex electrical boxes and weatherproof boxes are used for protecting electrical systems and come in different sizes and box types to fit different electrical components.