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Lab Supplies

Lab Equipment

  • Autoclaves

    Fully automatic BioClave research sterilisers featuring a built-in water tank, a safety interlock and a maximum temperature rating of 273 degrees F. Mini thermal printers also available

  • Centrifuges

    6- or 8-tube mini centrifuges widely used in laboratories to separate fluids or liquids by spinning the vessel at high speeds. Feature dual rotor configuration, a maximum rpm rating of 6600 & a storage compartment, and are compatible with both microtubes as well as PCR tubes and strips

  • Dry Baths

    Suitable for incubation of samples at two different temperatures in a single unit. Consist of two isolated chambers with a removable hinged lid to avoid air transfer between chambers and a control panel to display time and temperature. Separate dry bath blocks also available

  • Homogenizer Accessories

    High-performance generator probes and homogeniser stands designed for use with hand-held homogenisers

  • Homogenizers

    Hand-held / benchtop homogenisers designed to quickly homogenise, emulsify, disrupt and suspend biological samples in microtubes. Feature adjustable speeds ranging from 2800 to 30000 rpm and an operating temperature range of 39 - 149 degrees F

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Lab Filtration

Lab Storage and Transport

Material Handling

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Temperature and Humidity Measuring

Benchmark Scientific provides research laboratories with innovative and cost-effective solutions like centrifuges, autoclaves, dry baths, homogenisers, laboratory mixers and mounted flap wheels, designed to improve lab efficiency and results. Benchmark Scientific mini centrifuges are ideal for quick spin downs of microtubes and PCR tubes, are portable and offer rotor speed of 6000 rpm. They have pre-installed eight-position microtube rotors for increased speed and a second rotor for 0.2 ml PCR tubes & strips which are stored in a convenient space and avoid misplacement of the rotor when not in use. Benchmark Scientific digital dry baths include advanced microprocessor controls, timed operation and a removable, hinged lid. They also include an optional external feedback probe which can directly be placed inside the sample tube for providing real-time control and monitoring of actual sample temperature. These digital dry baths are available in single and dual block models which can be ordered in unique Quick-Flip configuration blocks. A huge selection of Benchmark Scientific lab equipment, shakers & rotators, incubators, laboratory mixers and accessories is available on Raptor Supplies, an authorised brand distributor.