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For more than ten years, Benchmark Scientific has been creating innovative solutions to improve laboratory safety, efficiency and results. Headquartered in Sayreville, New Jersey, USA, the brand has been producing high-quality lab equipment for mixing and treating test samples. Read More


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  • Autoclaves

    Fully automatic BioClave research sterilisers featuring a built-in water tank, a safety interlock and a maximum temperature rating of 273 degrees F. Mini thermal printers also available

  • Centrifuges

    6- or 8-tube mini centrifuges widely used in laboratories to separate fluids or liquids by spinning the vessel at high speeds. Feature dual rotor configuration, a maximum rpm rating of 6600 & a storage compartment, and are compatible with both microtubes as well as PCR tubes and strips

  • Dry Baths

    Suitable for incubation of samples at two different temperatures in a single unit. Consist of two isolated chambers with a removable hinged lid to avoid air transfer between chambers and a control panel to display time and temperature. Separate dry bath blocks also available

  • Homogenizer Accessories

    Includes generator probes and homogeniser stands for accurate results in laboratory testing and experiments

  • Homogenizers

    Hand-held / benchtop homogenisers designed to quickly homogenise, emulsify, disrupt and suspend biological samples in microtubes. Feature adjustable speeds ranging from 2800 to 30000 rpm and an operating temperature range of 39 - 149 degrees F

  • Lab Circulator Accessories
  • Laboratory Circulators

    Lab aspirators safely dispose dangerous liquids, pathogens & biohazard waste in a self-contained waste collection bottle. Feature a built-in membrane pump, for automatic switching ON, upon the application of vacuum pressure & dual hydrophobic filters preventing moisture from contaminating the system

  • Laboratory Clamps and Supports

    Hold standard-sized test tubes and flasks or irregularly shaped objects; frames and stands with no exposed parts used in severely corrosive conditions. Clamps and tube racks for platforms with capacities of 125, 250 and 500 ml also available

  • Laboratory Desiccators
  • Laboratory Mixer Accessories

    Includes foam pads, mats, racks, microplate carriers, shaker platforms and tube racks for aiding laboratory mixers to complete the task faster and more efficiently. Separate autoclavable platform mats ideal for BenchRocker 3D Gyratory Rockers, also available

  • Laboratory Mixers

    Used for mixing, dissolving & emulsifying substances in industrial laboratories. Feature a large platform for holding culture plates, Erlenmeyer & media bottles and an analogue control knob for adjusting the speed. Equipped with dimpled surfaces or autoclaved rubber mats providing a non-slip surface

  • Shakers and Rotators

    Orbi-shaker models featuring circular 19mm orbit for mixing up to five 2L / nine 1L flasks, simultaneously. Include a rubber mat for a non-slip support in low-speed applications & MAGIC Clamp platform for instant exchange of flask clamps

  • Spectrophotometers
  • Stirrers

    Ideal for quick spinning, stirring or mixing a solution with the help of a rotating magnetic field. Feature advanced microprocessor controls with adjustable knobs allowing quick, precise setting of speed (max 1500 RPM) & temperature (max 380 degrees C). Available in voltages ranging from 115 to 230V

  • Water Baths

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About Benchmark Scientific

Benchmark Scientific's extensive catalogue includes autoclaves, centrifuges, homogenisers, incubators and their accessories for storing & monitoring samples. The brand's SureTherm Series CO2 incubators provide optimised growth conditions for the cell culture. They have a dual beam IR sensor to measure carbon dioxide levels with an accuracy of +/-0.1%. These incubators offer IncuView LCI (live cell imaging) technology to monitor cells and capture time lapse images. Benchmark's digital hotplate stirrers have a durable, chemical-resistant white ceramic top plate to accommodate borosilicate glass beakers. They feature advanced microprocessor controls for quick & precise adjustment of speed and temperature. These stirrers have a safety LED indicator that illuminates when the top plate's temperature exceeds 50 degrees C.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Benchmark Scientific part numbers often cross-reference to various Labconco, Eberbach and Dynalon products. So, if you're looking for Benchmark lab equipment that is either obsolete or out of stock, chances are we have equivalent items available.


These Benchmark products range from small to large sizes. They may require careful packaging as some items might get damaged while shipping. Hence, these items are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

Major Trade Names

Benchmark Scientific myFuge Mini Microcentrifuge

Benchmark myFuge mini microcentrifuge fits in the palm and is ideal for quick spin-downs of microtubes and PCR tubes. It has a Clik-n-Lok rotor attachment system that eliminates the need for set screw...Read More 

Benchmark Scientific BenchWaver Undulating Rocker

The brand's BenchWaver undulating rocker is ideal for generating an optimum 3-dimensional undulating motion and benefits molecular biological applications. The unit's tilt angle (0 to 10 degrees) and ...Read More 

Benchmark Scientific hybex Media Storage Bottles

Benchmark hybex Series storage bottles are made of borosilicate 3.3 glass that has a low thermal expansion coefficient to handle samples of high temperatures. They have autoclavable caps to handle sam...Read More 

Benchmark Scientific Competitive Advantages

Benchmark Scientific Roto-Bot Programmable Rotating Mixer

Benchmark Roto-Bot programmable rotating mixer provides 360 degrees of rotation with pausing and mixing intervals. Its tube holders are made of rubber-coated steel to obtain a secure grip and avoid wobbling or loosening at high speeds. This CE-certified unit has adjustable speed control and tilt angles, making them ideal for rotating, mixing and vibrating applications to prepare homogeneous dispersions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of autoclaves?

Benchmark Scientific autoclaves benefit laboratories in sterilising equipment, instruments and infectious waste.

What is the use of micro bead sterilisers?

Benchmark micro bead sterilisers are ideal for cleaning small tools. When filled with glass beads, they use high temperatures to eradicate bacteria, spores and other microorganisms.

How do Benchmark incubators avoid contamination?

The brand's incubators undergo a high-heat decontamination cycle that exposes the chamber to a temperature of 125 degrees C for 8 hours to burn potential contaminants.

What are the advantages of the brand's magnetic stirrers?

Benchmark magnetic stirrers are quiet and efficient. They have no moving external parts to break or wear out, resulting in less downtime.

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