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Pump Accessories

  • Includes Bell and Gossett circulator pump parts (or accessories) such as gaskets, pump couplers, seal bearing assemblies, replacement cartridges, impellers and shafts. Can withstand up to 150 psi pressure and are available in brass, bronze, Buna, cast iron, steel and Noryl

  • Includes cast-iron / low-lead bronze pump flanges designed to connect hydronic system pumps with pipes or valves

Hot Water Circulating Pumps

  • Ideal for applications in hydronic heating and cooling systems, and cooling towers. Feature a bronze / cast-iron housing, flange / union connection style and cast bronze / steel / ceramic impeller. Available in different hp ratings and inlet / outlet sizes

Centrifugal Pumps

  • Includes in-line hot water circulating pumps featuring open seal chamber design, bronze / cast iron housing and bearings lubricated with Polyrex grease. Ideal for potable water recirculation, hydronic heating and solar thermal applications


Check Valves and Backflow Preventers

  • Designed to provide a controlled and reverse-free flow that helps in ensuring uninterrupted working of radiation units. Feature bronze / cast-iron construction and FNPT / sweat connection

  • Intended for use with piping systems and closed vessels to keep the induced vacuum in safe limits. Feature brass construction and MNPT connection and can withstand up to 150 psi pressure


  • Includes cast-iron / cast-brass Y strainers designed to restrict contaminants such as weld metals, jointing compounds and debris from flowing through liquids or gases. Feature high dirt-holding capacity and can handle steam and water pressures up to 300 & 400 psi, respectively

Pressure and Temperature Control Valves

  • Designed to reduce high incoming water pressure from the water supply mains and provide constant and even pressure. Can withstand a maximum pressure of 125 psi and operate at temperatures up to 225 degrees F

HVAC and Refrigeration

HVAC Controls

  • Designed to vent out extraneous air and gases from steam or hydronic heating systems. Includes automatic hydronic and steam air vents that can withstand a maximum pressure of 150 psi and operate at temperatures up to 250 degrees F

  • Reliable heat exchangers intended to provide maximum heat dissipation, high thermal efficiency and leak protection. Feature copper brazing, stainless-steel ASTM cover and channel plates, and 4 dedicated leak ports. Can withstand of up to 435 psig pressure

  • Cast iron / brass steam traps designed for use with hydronic steam systems to move air out and hold steam inside the system, as well as to drain condensate from the system. Have a maximum operating pressure of 250 psi, and can operate at temperatures up to 450 degrees F


Replacement Parts

  • Includes cover gaskets, cover repair kits, replacement modules, pressure change kits and thermostatic elements for use with inverted bucket & float traps and thermostatic steam traps


HVAC Motors

  • Includes 1- / 3-phase water circulator motors featuring cast-iron frame construction, open-drip-proof enclosure and rpm ratings ranging from 1701 to 1800. Designed for use with Bell & Gossett booster pumps and offered in different hp and voltage ratings

Bell & Gossett, a brand of Xylem, has been offering energy efficient heat exchangers, pumps, valves and plumbing accessories for steam and heat transfer, plumbing and wastewater applications. The company's product line includes flanges, circulator pumps, air vents, heat exchangers, flow control check valves, vacuum breakers and water pressure reducing valves. The brazed plate Bell & Gossett heat exchangers are designed to provide maximum heat dissipation and are ideal for use with light commercial HVAC hydronic systems, and refrigerant evaporators and condensers. These durable heat exchangers are known to provide high-level of thermal efficiency and leak protection. They feature copper brazing, stainless steel ASTM cover and channel plates, 4 dedicated leak ports and a maximum flow capacity of 225 gpm. They can withstand up to 435 psig pressure and can easily operate at temperatures ranging from -40 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
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