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Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance

Automotive Mechanical

  • Oil Air and Fuel Filters

    Includes a wide range of Baldwin oil filters, fuel filters and hydraulic filters in different filter designs, materials and sizes. Also contains various filter accessories, such as gaskets, seals and O-rings


Hydraulic Filtration

  • Hydraulic Filter Elements

    Includes a spin-on Baldwin hydraulic filter used to keep the hydraulic fluid free from contaminants and reduce any chance of damage to the hydraulic system from oil contamination

Baldwin Filters is a leading ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certified brand that has been manufacturing high-quality filtration products for the transportation, construction, agriculture and mining industries. Its extensive catalogue comprises replacement parts, filter elements, cabin air, fuel, hydraulic, lubrication oil, CCV (crankcase ventilation) and transmission type filters. Baldwin hydraulic filters are designed for protecting hydraulic equipment and industrial machinery from damage caused by oil impurities and foreign contaminants via thorough oil filtration. These spin-on units feature disposable filter cans which can be easily replaced, thereby providing easier installation & maintenance and flexible internal gaskets to ensure leak-proof operation. For protecting the transfer and injection pumps against abrasives, precipitates (non-combustible materials), wax and water molecules, Baldwin fuel filters are best suited because of their capacity to remove the contaminants down to the smallest particle sizes at the highest efficiencies. The brand's primary fuel filters facilitate mounting on the vacuum side while secondary fuel filters are mounted on the pressure side of the fuel system, handling pressures ranging from 20 to 60 psi. Choose from a broad range of these products along with filter kits, restriction gauges, groove gaskets & O-rings on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Baldwin Filters distributor.