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  • Bolt On Miniature Circuit Breakers

    Used to protect control panels or circuit devices from current overloads and short-circuits. Feature a bolt-on connection and thermal-magnetic unit for overcurrent protection. Available in different current and voltage ratings

  • Circuit Breaker Accessories

    Includes replacement accessories, such as auxiliary contacts, lug kits, padlocking devices, and rotary handles, for use with various ABB circuit breakers

  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers

    UL-listed and CSA-certified T1 Series circuit breakers with current ratings up to 320 amperes. Feature high values of short-circuit breaking capacities at different voltage levels

For over 130 years, ABB has been a global manufacturer of premium-quality electrical and electronics products for applications in discrete automation, robotics, power grid and electrification industries. Its product catalogue includes power converters, inverters, transformers, motors, generators, drives, high- & low-voltage devices, measurement devices and circuit breakers. ABB S201 Series miniature circuit breakers are designed in compliance with UL, CSA & IEC standards and feature two tripping actions: delayed thermal tripping for overload protection and magnetic tripping for short-circuit protection in electrical panels. Offered in current ratings up to 63 A, these units come equipped with a unique bottom-fixing auxiliary contact for use in constrained spaces. ABB T1 Series molded-case circuit breakers (MCCB) feature a high-breaking capacity along with a compact design and are ideal for automatically cutting off the power supply during current overflow conditions (up to 1000 A). Choose from a wide range of these circuit breakers along with replacement parts for low-voltage circuit breakers, such as padlock devices and rotary handles available on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised ABB distributors.