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Power Transmission

Sprockets and Inspection Service Doors

Material Handling

Tsubaki is a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade power transmission products providing assistance to agriculture, automotive, food & beverage and material handling industries. The brand's extensive catalogue includes drive chains, cam clutches, sprockets, shaft couplings, safety devices, toothed belts & pulleys complement the program. Tsubaki Lambda riveted chains are compatible for use with RS Standard roller chains and feature unique bearing material and lubrication properties that provide 50 per cent longer wear life and enhanced shock absorbing capacities, as compared to other standard chains or gears. These units are designed to handle multiple shafts or drives, simultaneously and can withstand temperatures within the range of -10 to 150 deg C. Tsubaki single-strand sprockets feature multiple layers of hardened teeth, thereby making them strong enough for handling G7-EX Series roller chains. They are offered in finished bore, quick detachable, split taper and patented Taper-Lock configurations with 10 - 13 teeth options. Choose from a wide range of these sprockets and other brand products, such as conveyor chains, chain links and keyless bushings on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Tsubaki distributor.