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  • Cross-Over Ladders

    Aluminium / steel ladders designed to allow workers to safely walk over obstacles or hazardous areas, rather than having to go around or walk through. Provide 2-inch clearance below the platform height and are available in 50-, 75- & 90-degree climbing angle variants

  • Crossover Ladder Accessories

    Includes bridge spans, configurable cross-over bridges, leg kits, crossover turn platforms, guardrail enclosures and serrated platforms; suitable for use with crossover ladders

  • Dock Ladders

    OSHA-compliant ladders featuring 1-1/16 inch wide tube steel construction with 12-inch spacings between each rung and 42-inch-long guardrails (on Walk-Thru models) to prevent accidents. Available in aluminium & grey-powder coat finishes

  • Ladder Accessories

    Additional accessories such as configurable crossover ladder leg kits, handrails, leg supports and platforms, used to further enhance the safety of workers on ladders

  • Ladder Safety Cages
  • Rolling Ladder Accessories

    Includes all-direction manoeuvrability, cantilever support conversion, deep top and stock-picking shelf kits; ideal for use with rolling ladders. Available in 100 & 150 lb load ratings

  • Rolling Ladders

    Assembled / unassembled ladders designed with a safety angle (50 or 56 deg) incline to allow comfortable forward face descent. Feature a perforated / grip-strut tread to improve traction and caster / foot-pedal / tilt-and-roll actuation mode for better portability

  • Scaffolding
  • Stair Units

    Designed to provide easier access to work platforms and scaffolding, with enhanced footing. Feature handrails to prevent accidents and a forward-descent facility

  • Work Platforms

    Used to provide fall protection & reduce back fatigue during routine maintenance & inspection jobs at elevated heights. Feature step locks (handrail models) to prevent unintentional movement and 4-inch casters (selected models) for easy transport

About Tri-arc

Tri-Arc, a member of the American Ladder Institute, has been offering fabricated metal products for more than 70 years. The company's extensive product line includes dock, crossover and rolling ladders; stair units; step stools; work platforms and related accessories. Tri-Arc rolling ladders are designed in compliance with OSHA and ANSI standards for providing a secure platform to access elevated areas or narrow aisles in libraries, warehouses and stockrooms. These ladders feature a perforated / serrated tread design to prevent accidental falls or injuries and spring-loaded locking casters for even load distribution. They are offered in aluminium, polyurethane and steel variants with a maximum load bearing capacity of 600 lb.Tri-Arc also offers stair units and step stands used to reduce back fatigue and injury by providing an optimal height to workers at construction sites or building repair works. Selected models come equipped with handrails for added safety and anti-slip feet to offer a better levelled stability and prevent unnecessary stool movement.

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