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Hand Tools


  • Adjustable Wrenches

    Feature an extra-wide adjustable jaw for a firm grip and black oxide / chrome finish for corrosion resistance. Widely used for metalworking, automotive and plumbing applications

  • Box End Wrench Sets

    Metric / SAE wrench sets consisting of 6- / 12-point box end wrenches with deep offset for better hand clearance in confined work spaces. Available in chrome and full-polish finish

  • Box End Wrenches

    Steel-made SAE / metric box end wrenches to fit hexagonal and square nuts and bolts. Half-moon shaped wrenches also available to provide better access in confined work spaces

  • Combination Wrench Sets

    6- / 12-point wrench sets used to drive nuts and bolts of different diameters. Available in black oxide / chrome / full polish finish for corrosion resistance

  • Combination Wrenches

    6- / 12-point combination wrenches made of high-quality steel for strength and durability. Available in black oxide / full polish finish for corrosion resistance

  • Flare Nut Wrench Sets

    Best suited for working with hexagonal fittings and nuts for industrial machinery maintenance, hydraulic equipment installation, coolants and pipelines. Available in chrome, full polish and super chrome finish for resistance against hydraulic fluids and abrasive chemicals

  • Flare Nut Wrenches

    Suitable for fastening nuts and bolts in automotive servicing, metalworking, fire & safety, mining and shipyards. Full steel construction for withstanding harsh industrial and outside environment while ensuring long-term, durable operation. Available in full polish and super chrome finish variants

  • Hex and Torx Key Sets

    Best suited for installation and removal of hexagonal socket screws and bolts in industrial machinery, hydraulic equipment, automation, metalworking and research and development applications. Black oxide finish for high abrasion resistance. Available in plain and L-shaped handle variants

  • Interchangeable Head Torque Wrenches

    Micrometer torque wrenches designed for fastening nuts and bolts to precise torque values in manufacturing, packaging, oil & gas, mining and servicing applications. Audible click indicator for warning against exceeding torque values and steel construction for withstanding accidental drops and blows

  • Interchangeable Torque Wrench Heads

    Suitable for use with wrenches in hydraulic equipment, industrial machinery and servicing applications. High carbon steel construction offers strength and durable operation. Available in open-end and square drive head variants

  • Micrometer Torque Wrenches

    Ratchet torque wrenches designed for precise torque output operations in metalworking, mining, manufacturing and production applications. Dual durometer grip offers additional stability, ease-of-use and user comfort. Available in 1/2, 1/4, 3/4 and 3/8 inch drive sizes

Sockets and Bits

Cutting Tools

Impact Sockets and Bits

  • Impact Socket Sets

    Designed for use with powered or manual wrenches for bolt fastening operations in woodworking, automotive, maintenance & repair, and production applications. Manganese phosphate finish offers complete resistance against hydraulic fluids and abrasive liquids. Available in 2, 6, 10, 12 and 39 piece variants

  • Impact Sockets

    Suitable for use with wrenches for nut & bolt fastening operations in manufacturing, hydraulic equipment and industrial machinery. Steel construction offers high strength and long-term durability. Available in up to 2 inch length variants

Punches Chisels and Hand Drills

Hand Tool Kits

  • Master Sets

    Automotive tool sets designed for maintenance & repair operations in servicing, military, agriculture, woodworking and plumbing applications. Screwdrivers with insulated handles for protection against accidental shocks and damage. Variants offered with and without toolbox storage option

Crimping Tools

  • Cable and Wire Crimping Tools

    Manual crimpers used to cut, strip, bend or deform wires or cables up to 10 AWG, for electrical connections. Feature a cushion grip for comfortable handling

Tool Storage and Transfer Tanks

Power Tools

Fastening Tool Accessories

Fastening Tools

Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance

Automotive Maintenance Tools

  • Automotive Specialized Tools

    Hose pinch pliers featuring auto-lock mechanism that requires no screws or levers to adjust. For use with radiators, vacuums, fuel lines and overfill hoses


Replacement Parts

SK Professional Tools, a division of Ideal Industries Inc, has been providing precision-crafted hand tools for applications in the manufacturing, automobile and maintenance & repair industries, for over 100 years. Its extensive catalogue comprises wrenches, impact sockets, master sets, pliers, cutters, hammers, punches, screwdrivers and chisels. SK Professional Tools crowfoot wrenches are best suited for use with torque wrenches or hand ratchets for fastening nuts and bolts in hard-to-reach places in low-torque applications. These wrenches feature a SuperKrome finish for withstanding tough industrial abuse while maintaining a high-quality lustrous appearance and a SureGrip Hex design to provide a slip-proof tightening operation. For handling machine screws, bolts and other mechanical fasteners, SK Professional Tools screwdrivers feature a vapour-blasted tip that offers maximum grip and a nickel-chrome plating for preventing oxidation reactions on the exposed surfaces. These heavy-duty screwdrivers are offered in Philips, Crosspoint, slotted, Torx and star type tips. Choose from a wide range of these products along with related accessories, such as socket bits, adapters and tool storage cases on Raptor Supplies, an authorised SK Professional Tools distributor.