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Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc. is an American multinational and leading manufacturer of welding products like welding consumables, plasma, arc welding equipment, oxy-fuel cutting equipment and robotic welding systems. Read More




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Welding Filter

Arc Welders and Plasma Cutter Consumables and AccessoriesView all

  • Arc Welder Accessories

    Includes accessory kits comprising an electrode and work cable with lug, headshield, filter plate, cover plate, work clamp and electrode holder designed for use with Lincoln Electric Ranger and Idealarc Series welders

  • MIG Accessories

    Includes contact tips, gas diffusers, filter cartridges, welding gun liners, drive roll kits & guides, and spot timer kits commonly used with MIG welding high-production environments

  • MIG Gun Consumables

    Replacement accessories, including contact tips, spool guns and welding cables for use with MIG welding guns. Can be easily installed without the use of fasteners

  • MIG Guns

    Water- and air-cooled MIG guns designed for MIG and flux-cored applications. Models rated at .6, 60 and 100 per cent duty cycles and featuring a 60 / 62 / 90 degree tip available

  • MIG Welder Accessories

    MIG welder parts and accessories such as paralleling kits, filter kits, spindle adapters and Amptrol adapters used to ensure efficient and safe welding

  • Plasma Cutting Accessories

    Includes replacement accessories, such as electrodes, nozzles, air diffusers and shield cups, for use with Lincoln Electric plasma cutters

  • TIG Torches

    Designed to weld thin sheets of non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel, aluminium and copper. Feature a flexible head for great comfort and easy access to confined spaces, and a knurled handle with anti-slip grip for better control of the torch

  • TIG Welding Accessories

    Includes high-quality TIG welding replacement parts and accessories such as welding carts, control panels, modules, undercarriages, starter kits, part kits and solenoid kits

  • Water Coolant Systems

    They connect to a compatible water-cooled welding torch to protect them from overheating while using at higher amperages. Operate smoothly and minimise vibrations that would otherwise be transferred to the welding torch.

  • Welder Generator Accessories

    Protective covers, undercarriages, hand and foot Amptrols, power plugs, adapters, receptacles and similar equipment to keep welder generators working at full efficiency

  • Welding Cable Connectors

    Fully insulated Lincoln welding cable connectors featuring high conductivity for maximum power transfer. Choose from a range of lug adapters, cable receptacles, electrode holders & cables, and spool gun cables & adapters

  • Welding Nozzles
  • Wire Feeders

    Wire feeders are used during welding to control the delivery of welding wire to the welding torch or gun. Ensure a consistent and controlled flow of welding wire to the welding tip.

Arc Welders and Plasma CuttersView all

  • Arc Welders

    Stick electrodes to weld mild steel, stainless steel and cast iron surfaces in repair, maintenance or fabrication works. Available in maximum AC amperage range of 200 - 1500 A

  • MIG Welders

    Intermittent-duty cycle welders ideal for flux-core / constant-voltage maintenance or fabrication operations. Selected models feature Diamond Core technology to provide high-quality arcs with a wide welding output range

  • Multiprocess Welders

    Includes 1- / 3-phase welders capable of performing MIG, stick, TIG, gouging and flux-cored welding processes. Offer a 100 per cent duty cycle at a maximum frequency of 60 Hz

  • Plasma Cutters

    Portable plasma cutters capable of cutting through mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper within seconds by focussing arcs of different thicknesses

  • Stick Welders

    Used for shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) and gouging operations to weld mild steel, stainless steel and cast-iron surfaces. Provide suitable arc characteristics for electrodes of different diameters

  • TIG Welders

    Designed to weld metals that are highly reactive at room temperature. Can be used to weld thin sheets of stainless steel, aluminium, copper and magnesium

  • Welder Generators

    Diesel- or gas-powered heavy-duty Lincoln welder generators used for providing continuous power supply to keep welders running and productivity churning. Feature a 9 / 14 / 19 / 23 hp engine and can function in both 1- and 3-phase power supply

Welding Rods and WireView all

Gas Welding EquipmentView all

  • Cutting Torches
  • Gas Welding Tips

    Contact tips for use with Lincoln Innershield electric welders. Can accommodate 0.078 / 0.035 inch electrodes

  • Torch and Torch Kits

    Inferno torches designed for repairing road surfaces, removing paints and melting tar or asphalt. Feature a solid brass valve for flame adjustment, and a 10-ft liquid propane gas hose

Fume Extractors and AccessoriesView all

  • Fume Extractor Accessories

    Installation and replacement accessories, such as connection nozzles, extraction hoses, hose connectors and suction heads, designed for use with standard fume extractors

  • Fume Extractors

    Light-duty portable fume extractors designed to control, filter and extract welding fumes in confined spaces. Feature a manual (disposable) / automatic filter cleaning system with a maximum filter area of 538 sq. ft

Welding Ovens and AccessoriesView all

  • Welding Oven Accessories

    When not in use, these containers hold stick welding electrodes. Protect them from moisture and other pollutants that might cause cracks, pores or weld flaws when utilised in stick welding activities.

  • Welding Ovens

SolderingView all

  • Soldering Flux

    Used to improve arc stability and avoid oxidation of base and filler materials during welding processes. Can also be used for cleaning metallic surfaces

Welding Helmets and Welding ProtectionView all

  • Welding Helmets

    Automatically adjust the lens to the appropriate darkness level depending on the brightness of the arc. Protect welders from harmful rays generated during the welding process. Auto-darkening welding helmets in plastic and nylon variants.

Welding Tables and AccessoriesView all

  • Welding Cylinder Carts

    Provide a safe and convenient way to move & store gas cylinders, reducing the risk of cylinder damage and making it easier for welders to access the gases they need. Can mount up to 2 full-size cylinders.

Welding SuppliesView all

  • Welding Hose

    Welding hose kit containing two 25 feet hoses with 5/8-inch left-hand CGA fittings on both ends. Colour-coded blue for cold & red for hot. Can be used in both coolers and wire feeders.

About Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric offers high-quality plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment, arc welding equipment, robotic welding systems and welding consumables for applications in automotive repair, fabrication and equipment rebuilding. Lincoln Electric product catalogue comprises a wide range of welding and cutting equipment, welding consumables and automated welding products. The brand's TIG welders, MIG welders, stick welders, multi-process welders and submerged arc welding wires are ideal for fast and precise welding. Lincoln MIG welders are portable and feature Diamond Core Technology and cast aluminium drive. They are optimised for flux-cored and CV processes and are available in 50 / 60 Hz ratings. The lightweight and comfortable Lincoln welding helmets feature an integrated grind shield, side windows and industry-leading optics for reducing eye strain and providing better clarity.

Things To Consider


These tools are small in size and require compact packaging. They are suitable for courier shipment & air freight.

Major Trade Names

Invertec V155-S

These two stick welding modes offer superior performance for applications using the soft (E7018) and crisp (E6011) electrodes. They have an Auto-Adaptive Frc force that when used for stick welding, le...Read More 

Idealarc 250

They provide up to 300A welding output in AC and 250A in DC polarity, enabling the operation of some 1/4 inch (6.4 mm) electrodes. They are ideal for use with an array of stick electrode types compris...Read More 

Lincoln Electric Competitive Advantages

Aspect 375 TIG Welder

It has a patented AC Auto-Balance feature which makes it simple by automatically providing the optimal mix of cleaning and penetration on aluminium. The Activate Intellistart mode offers soft starts on thin materials for minimal distortion and hotter starts on thick materials.

Flextec 350X Multi-Process Welder

These multi-purpose welders have patented embedded CrossLinc Technology that provides remote procedure settings at the feeder without extra control cables to preserve time and enhance weld quality. They feature dependable components designed to run cool for extended life in high-temperature environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lincoln Electric known for?

The Lincoln Electric Company has international stature as a pioneer in arc welding. It was founded on December 5, 1895, in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A, by John C. Lincoln.

Which is the easiest welder to handle?

MIG welding is typically the simplest kind of welding for a beginner to use. MIG welders employ a feed wire that goes through the machine at a preselected speed. This makes the process relatively rapid and creates consistent welds.

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