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Data and Communication

  • Test Equipment

    Inductive speaker probes featuring a duckbill tip and a needlepoint tip to detect audible frequency tones for accurate tracing and identification of copper wires or cables. Come equipped with a 9V battery

  • Voice Data Housings

    Used to support voice, data, audio and video applications in retrofit or other surface-mount environments. Available in 2, 3 & 4 port options for accepting all QuickPort snap-in connector modules

  • Voice Data Jacks

    Used to deliver high-quality data / voice / audio and provide fast and reliable connectivity to telephone and network services. Designed for use with quick-port wall plates, housings and panels

  • Voice Data Outlets Boxes Faceplates

    High-quality voice / data outlets, boxes and faceplates for use in conjunction with gang boxes and keystones to connect telephone lines, ethernet networks or home theatre interconnects. Made with plastic / stainless steel and feature up to 6 ports

  • Voice Data Wiring Block Accessories

    Includes installation accessories, such as 89B standoff brackets and UR-Type, gel-filled splices, for use with voice and data wiring blocks

Plugs and Receptacles

  • Twist Lock Receptacles

    Black & white locking flanged inlets ideal for wiring jobs in construction sites, commercial shipyards and convention centres. Capable of withstanding 2000V as per UL 498 standards

Lighting Controls and Control Systems

  • Lighting Dimmers

    Commercial-grade lighting dimmers to create perfect ambience in a room by varying the brightness of lights. Designed to save energy and increase lamp life


Light Bulb Related Products

  • Lampholders

    Corrosion-resistant lampholders to hold incandescent, fluorescent and CFL light bulbs. Available in porcelain, single- / bi-pin and ceramic screw-in styles

Leviton is a leading provider of lighting energy management & network solutions and electrical wiring devices. Its extensive catalogue includes surge protection and power strips, switches, dimmers, receptacles, access controls, power cables, motion sensors, lamp holders, voice data jacks and power cords. The brand's voice & data housings, designed to fit standard NEMA-rated QuickPort snap-in modules, feature a built-in termination station to stabilise connectors during a punch down condition. Leviton Decora / multimedia housings have high-impact, fire-retardant plastic construction and come with a brass-threaded insert to allow easy wallplate installation. They are available in 2, 3 and 4 port insert models and in white and ivory colour variants. Leviton dimmers are designed in accordance with UL, CSA and FCC standards and feature a universal design with an ON / OFF toggle switch. These switches further provide a fingertip-controlled touch dimming and single-pole & three-way control facility for user convenience. Choose from a wide range of these Leviton switches and related accessories, such as standoff brackets for easy installation on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Leviton distributor.