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Hand Tools

Hammers and Striking Tools

  • Axes Hatchets Splitting Wedges

    Carbon-steel axes featuring a solid Hi-Viz pultruded fiberglass handle with a non-slip grip. Available in flat head and pick head variants, ideal for forcible entry and overhaul 

  • Sledges

    ANSI-compliant double-face sledge hammers with a fibreglass handle; ideal for forging and riveting applications. Available in different head diameters and overall lengths

Cutting Tools

  • Bolt Cutters

    Ultra-force bolt cutters used to cut steel rods, wire mesh, metal bolts and guy strands. Feature centre-cut blades and non-conductive fibreglass handle


Fire Protection

  • Fire Probing Tools

    Includes breacher bars, halligan bars, axes, pike pole and other entry tools, widely used by firefighters to evacuate through roofs and burning walls, and to swat out grass fires. Available in different head materials and types

Traffic Safety

  • Property and Driveway Markers

    Highly visible fibreglass hydrant markers with a reflective tap and metal cap; used with CAUTION tape to section off hazardous areas


Replacement Parts

  • Parts

    Includes connector assemblies, fibreglass replacement handles, hydrant markers and shoulder straps for use with different Leatherhead tools

Leatherhead Tools is a leading manufacturer of high-quality safety tools such as axes, sledges, hooks, bolt cutters & warning stakes for fire and rescue operations. The company also produces fire probing tools including halligan bars, pry bars, pike poles, breacher bars and other forcible entry tools. Leatherhead halligan bars are ANSI-compliant fire-rescue tools made of high-carbon, heat-treated steel with zinc plating for extended durability and corrosion resistance. These halligan bars are used by firefighters and law enforcement officials to pry, puncture, twist, cut open or remove barriers between rescue professionals and victims. They are available in 24-, 30- and 36-inch length variants. The brand's flat head axes feature a drop forged high carbon steel head for maximum striking power and sustained impact, ideal for forcible entry or overhaul applications. These axes are equipped with a solid Hi-Viz pultruded fibreglass handle with a non-slip grip for operator safety and comfort. Raptor Supplies is an authorised Leatherhead Tools distributor offering a wide variety of rescue tools and related accessories such as connector assemblies, fibreglass replacement handles, hydrant markers and shoulder straps.