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Hand Tools

Electrical Tools

  • Cable Pullers

    Manual and electric one-speed or two-speed cable pullers designed to pull cables through walls, floors, ductwork or conduits. Used with double-braided polyester composite rope and can a exert maximum pulling force of 9986 lb

  • Cable Pulling Accessories

    Heavy-duty cable puller sheaves featuring steel frame and aluminium-alloy rollers with self-lubricating bearings. Can handle a maximum load of 4000 lb and are available in different diameters. Cable pulling ropes, conduit measuring tapes and fish stick bullet / hook / wisk nose tips also available

  • Cable Pulling Grip Kits

    Designed to pull in 2-inch or larger conduits. Contain short & long pulling grips with 2 cable receptacles each, a sheave, 2 hex key wrenches and 2 clamping set screws

  • Knockout Hole Punches

    Includes a wide range of Greenlee Tools knockout punches and speed punches used to make holes in steel, aluminium, fibreglass and plastic. Available in different hole sizes and types

Cutting Tools

Screwdrivers and Nutdrivers

Crimping Tools

  • Cable and Wire Crimping Tools

    Extremely durable ratcheting crimpers to crimp RJ45 and CATV "F" coaxial connectors. Feature double-plated jaw design, a cushion grip handle and a maximum crimping force of 265 lb (1178 N). Dieless crimpers, insulated crimpers and hydraulic crimping tools also available

  • Crimping Tool Dies

    Interchangeable / U-style crimping tool dies for use with 22 - 10 AWG aluminium or copper wires

Tool Storage and Transfer Tanks

Punches Chisels and Hand Drills

Measuring and Layout Tools

  • Box I-Beam and Torpedo Levels

    Professional-grade aluminium torpedo levels suitable for pipe and conduit work. Feature four open vial ports for easy viewing from all sides

Conduit Wire and Pipe Storage

  • Conduit Wire Cable Racks/Stands/Carts

    Steel-made ratcheting reel stands designed for handling wire spools. Have a maximum capacity of 3750 lb and require two stands and a spindle for a complete setup. Rigid and swivel casters, conduit and pipe storage racks, and wire cart expander kits also available

Hand Saws and Sawhorses

Test Instruments

Electrical Power Testing

Nonelectrical Properties Testing


Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic System Components

Power Tools

Drilling Accessories

Cordless Tools

  • Cordless Impact Wrenches

    Compact and ergonomic 20-piece Speed Punch kits designed to punch conduit-size holes in aluminium, fibreglass, plastic, mild steel and stainless-steel. Feature a 360-degree rotating head and 18V 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery

  • Cordless Tool Accessories

    Includes cordless AC adapters designed to operate with most Greenlee battery-powered tools. Can convert any battery-powered tool to corded tool, as they come with a 16.5-ft-long cord


Machine Cutting Tools

  • Combined Drill/Countersinks

    HSS drill, tap and countersink bits suitable for use on aluminium, copper, mild steel and brass. Feature a back taper to avoid thread damage from over-drilling. Available in 7-piece kits that also include a quick-change adapter

  • Dies

    Steel-made knockout dies designed for use with Greenlee manual, hydraulic and battery-operated knockout drivers. Available in different outside diameters and sizes

  • Drill Bit and Tap Sets

    Designed for drilling, tapping or deburring aluminium, copper, mild steel, brass and plastic. Made from high-speed steel and are available in both SAE and metric sizes

Material Handling

Rope and Rope Accessories

Storage and Transport Carts



  • Anchor Setting Tools

    Includes alloy-steel screw anchor expanders designed to quickly set screw anchors in masonry, regardless of thickness. Available in different thread sizes


Replacement Parts

Since 1862, Greenlee has been a leading innovator of power and hand tools for metalworking and woodworking applications. Its extensive catalogue includes cable pullers, crimpers, dies, diagonal cutters, drill bit & tap sets, impact wrenches, knockout punches and cordless drills. Greenlee crimpers are designed to crimp both insulated and non-insulated wire terminals from 22 to 6 AWG. These manual crimpers feature a self-adjusting, full-cycle ratchet mechanism for perfect crimp on each terminal. They are available in dipped, vinyl and moulded handle variants. The brand's compact cable cutters have a single-speed ratchet mechanism with a blade release function which allows the blades to open mid-cut. These cutters feature heavy-duty blades and ergonomic handle design for wear and fatigue resistance, respectively. Choose from a broad range of these single-handed operation cutters, along with other products such as clamp meters and electric conduit benders on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Greenlee distributor.