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ALLEGRO 9890-04 IND INTERECH 4-cylinder Airline Cascade Kit Industrl | AF6CYF 9X097

ALLEGRO 9890-04 IND INTERECH 4-cylinder Airline Cascade Kit, 3000 Psi, Ind Interchange Couplers

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Item: AF6CYF Model: 9890-04 IND INTERECHCross Ref: 9X097
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£1,553.89 /unit (Inc. VAT)

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Product Specifications:

ItemFour Cylinder Airline Cascade Kit
CouplersIndustrial Interchange

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 4.76
Ship height (cm)26.67
Ship length (cm)30.48
Ship width (cm)24.13
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

  • Reduces high pressure through tees & pigtail connectors, and provides uninterrupted airflow when replacing depleted cylinders
  • Low pressure kit including a regulator, 3 tee connectors and 3 pigtails with check valves
  • Industrial interchange couplers for improved air compression, machine lubrication and fuel maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is a cascade air system?

A. Cascade systems allow high volumes of breathing air to be stored in portable storage racks. They allow the use of one or more cylinders simultaneously, and are used in combination with supplied air breathing apparatus (SABA) & breathing air airline systems.

Q. Does Allegro 9890-04 cascade kit come with an alarm system?

A. No alarm systems are included with this Allegro product.

Q. What does SAR respirator mean?

A. A supplied air respirator (SAR) is a piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers in an environment where the air is contaminated and uncomfortable for breathing.

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ALLEGRO 9890-04 IND INTERECH 4-cylinder Airline Cascade Kit, 3000 Psi, Ind Interchange Couplers
£1,553.89 /unit (Inc. VAT)