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ZURN Nail Clamp


Zurn QTALON and QISC Series clamps are widely used in hot and cold water plumbing applications for securing PEX tubing / pipings to floors, studs and joists. The QTALON Series tube talons comprise a J-hook clamp with a nail that eliminates the need for bonding agents, glues, and solvents. These nail clamps can be easily installed in both upward and downward directions to ensure a secure installation. The brand's QISC Series insulated pipe suspension clamps feature ribs to allow for tubing expansion and contraction and can easily fit 1/2 inch nominal tubing.

ZURN QTALON3QTALON3AA2AUM1"1.875"Steel And Plastic£ 0.19 (ex. VAT)
ZURN QTALON4QTALON4AA2AUN1.187"1.875"Steel And Plastic£ 0.28 (ex. VAT)
ZURN QTALON5QTALON5AA2AUP7/16"3.75"Steel And Plastic£ 6.09 (ex. VAT)
ZURN QISC3QISC3AA2AUQ7/16"1.437"Plastic£ 6.87 (ex. VAT)