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VESTIL Hydraulic Drum Crusher/compactor

Vestil hydraulic drum crushers are ideal for crushing hazardous materials in a drum to reduce disposal costs and crushing empty drums to save valuable storage space. These drum compactors are suitable for recycling applications. Vestil hydraulic & gas powered drum crushers are designed for ...crushing ribbed drums.Read more

ANSI Class: Z245.5 | Height: 89.312" | Hz: 60 | Length: 38.187" | Motor HP: 6.5

Hydraulic Drum Crusher/compactor

Vestil drum crushers / compactors are specially designed for crushing hazardous materials in a drum to reduce disposal costs and crushing empty drums to save valuable storage space. These dual function units come with a standard 460 V, 3-phase, 6.5 hp motor and a dual-speed hydraulic pump capable of crushing and compacting drums of sizes up to 55 gallons. They meet OSHA 1910.212 and ANSI Z245.5 standards and feature pressure relief valves to prevent system overload and a door interlock system that allows the motor to run only when the door is closed. The crushers can easily be converted into compactors by removing the crushing plate to allow for drum compacting. They have a Crush / Compact switch and two pressure switches - high pressure for crushing and low pressure for compacting. Choose from a wide variety of these hydraulic drum crushers / compactors from Vestil, available with built-in fork pockets for easy transport, on Raptor Supplies.

Working Mechanism

  • These drum crushers have an enclosed crushing chamber for accommodating drums.
  • Once the drum is placed on the chamber's platform, the drum head piercer releases internal drum pressure.
  • Controls are used to power the 2 speed hydraulic gear pump that crushes the drum.
  • These units have 2 modes (crush / compact) for getting a crushed or compacted drum depending upon the requirement.
  • The hydraulic crushing system is powered by electrical power for a fatigue free operation.


  • These drum crushers feature a pressure relief valve for preventing overload during crushing.
  • They have double door latches for securing the door while crushing the drum, preventing metal debris from escaping the chamber.
  • They feature an interlock system for preventing the motor from running in case the crusher door is open.
  • These crushers have built-in fork pockets for easy transportation using forklifts.
  • They have an aluminium drip pan for catching excess liquid expelled from the drum during crushing.
  • These drum crushers reset automatically once the drum is crushed.

Standards and Approvals

  • NEMA
  • OSHA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum crushing force of Vestil drum crushers?

These drum crushers / compactors offer up to 38000 lb of crushing force.

Do these drum crushers need to be bolted down on the floor?

No, they can be used for crushing drums without being bolted down to the floor. Additionally, they can be easily transported using a forklift.

Do the user have to press & hold the button for the entire cycle?

No, these drum crushing machines have a latching circuit for hands free, automatic operation. E Stop button is used to halt the operation in case some problem arises.

Are Vestil drum crushers spark-resistant?

No, these drum crushers have an enclosed chamber for a safe drum crushing, but they are not spark-resistant.

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