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DESTACO 424, 441 Series Squeeze Action Plier Clamps

Locking Mechanism: Screw | Type: Squeeze Action
StyleModelHolding CapacityMaterialMax. Clamping ThicknessJaw DepthJaw WidthPrice
200 Lbs.Steel16mm1.08"1"£50.27
200 Lbs.Steel7.4mm1.08"1"£71.71
275 Lbs.Steel23.3mm1.77"1.25"£61.41


  • Destaco 424 & 441 Series squeeze action plier clamps are designed for plastic injection moulding, welding & assembly operations in the automotive, aerospace and food & packaging industries.


  • Destaco 424 & 441 Series squeeze action plier clamps feature forged alloy steel construction to ensure structural rigidity and abrasion resistance against harsh industrial conditions.
  • These squeeze action plier clamps feature a two way trigger release mechanism that enables easy one handed operation.
  • These squeeze action plier clamps offer a maximum jaw depth of 1.77 inches.
  • These squeeze action plier clamp units have an adjustable spindle that can be easily adjusted for clamping workpieces of different sizes.

Compatible Accessories

  • Destaco 424208-M: The brand's flat tip bonded neoprene spindle is used with Destaco 424 & 441 Series squeeze action plier clamps to provide a cushion between clamps & clamped items, thereby securing material to work surfaces in milling, drilling and welding applications. It provides excellent oil resistance and is LABS (silicone) free. This spindle is capable of being operated at temperatures ranging from -22 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Standards and Approvals

  • Destaco 424 & 441 Series pull action latch clamps meet international standards like ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 9001:2015 to ensure environmental health, utmost user safety and quality performance of the clamps.


  • Destaco 424, 441 Series squeeze action plier clamps can be easily installed by opening the clamp's jaw using the handle. The handles are then tightly squeezed together against the central position for locking the clamp in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a squeeze action plier clamp?

Destaco squeeze action plier clamps are manually operated squeeze style clamps that are used for various applications including plastic injection moulding, welding & assembly. They are ideal for the automotive, aerospace and food & packaging industries.

What does clamping force mean?

Clamping force is the amount of force actually applied to a workpiece by closing & locking the clamp. It is normally less than the stated holding capacity. The actual clamping force depends on various factors, including cylinder bore, cylinder area, spindle position (clamping arm length) and available air pressure. In most cases, the clamping force is approximately 2 to 3 times the force exerted by a pneumatic cylinder.

What is manual clamping?

Unlike pneumatic straight line action clamps, regular manual clamps from Destaco feature separate handles for engaging the plunger to hold the workpiece in place.

What does holding capacity mean in terms of clamps?

The holding capacity or the holding force depicts the clamp's capability to hold down equipment or sheet metal on assembly lines or during similar manufacturing processes.

What is the significance of the red colour of the handle of Destaco clamps?

There is no such significance of colour of the clamp's handle, as it only represents a recognisable area. This helps operators in finding the handle quickly & easily.

Which grease is ideal for Destaco clamps for their rebuilding?

A coupling grease like Mobil XTC should be used when dealing with Destaco mechanical clamps, while the Magnalube G grease is great for use with pneumatic cylinder seals.

Does Destaco supply any water resistant clamp sensors?

Yes, Destaco also supplies inductive sensors designed in accordance with IP65 standards to ensure protection from powerful hydraulic jets, dust & heavy rain.

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