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DESTACO Vertical Toggle Clamps 2002 Series, 600 lb Capacity, Steel

Diameter: 0.220" | Overall Height: 4.72" | Overall Height: 5.28" | Overall Height: 4.720" | Overall Length: 4.270"
StyleModelHolding CapacityToggle Lock PlusMaterialMounting BaseClamp Arm StyleHandleClamp Arm LengthHeight Under Clamp ArmPrice
600 Lbs.YesSteelFlangeU-BarVertical1.93"0.95"£74.79
600 Lbs.NoSteelStraightSolid BarVertical1.91"1.28"£71.51
600 Lbs.YesSteelStraightU-BarVertical1.93"1.28"£109.03
600 Lbs.YesSteelFlangeSolid BarVertical1.91"0.95"£103.38
600 Lbs.NoSteelFlangeSolid BarVertical1.91"0.95"£59.65
600 Lbs.NoSteelStraightU-BarVertical1.93"1.28"£62.55
600 Lbs.YesSteelStraightSolid BarVertical1.91"1.28"£109.03
600 Lbs.NoSteelFlangeU-BarVertical1.93"0.95"£47.42
600 Lbs.NoSteelFlangeU-BarVertical1.93"1.25"£63.88
600 Lbs.YesSteelFlangeU-BarVertical1.93"1.25"£93.13

Vertical Toggle Clamps 2002 Series, 600 lb Capacity, Steel

Destaco 2002 Series vertical hold down clamps are used in standard and specialised workholding applications. These Destaco hold down clamps are made of carbon steel and have a vertical handle. Some of these vertical clamps have a toggle lock as a secondary lock to ensure proper locking and to avoid any unintentional opening.


  • These Destaco vertical hold down clamps (2002 Series) offer a broad combination of features, making them suitable for applications such as fixture checking, light machining, assembling, testing, welding, drilling, milling and woodworking in the aerospace, automotive and food & packaging industries.


  • These 2002 Series vertical toggle clamps have ergonomic handles with exceptional hand clearance (up to 90 degrees) for additional safety.
  • They are equipped with hardened bushings at key pivot points to ensure prolonged life.
  • These toggle clamps are supplied with vertical clamping spindle for securing materials to a work surface and improving service life of the units.
  • They are capable of holding loads up to 600 lb.
  • These clamps have steel or stainless steel construction with black oxide, non reflective finish (selected models) to provide resistance from corrosive environments.
  • 2002 Series vertical toggle clamps are available in solid and U bar clamping arm styles for easy attachment of arm extensions.

Compatible Accessories

  • Destaco 2002115-E: These Destaco bolt retainers are designed for the brand's 2002 Series toggle clamps (some models) for easy use and adding functionality to the units.
  • Destaco 215208-M & 202943-M: These replacement spindles provide maximum clamping force and enable quick & secure fastening.
  • Destaco 215105, 215905 & 215105-BLK: Flanged washers are designed for selected 2002 Series clamps, to allow easy mounting and provide a secure connection against vibrations.

Standards and Approvals

  • These 2002 Series vertical handle toggle clamps are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.


  • 2002 Series vertical handle toggle clamps come with a straight / flanged base having threaded mounting holes to easily install the unit to surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Raptor Supplies provide hold down clamps with the Toggle Lock Plus feature?

Yes, Raptor Supplies offers Destaco hold down clamps with Toggle Lock Plus release lever to prevent accidental opening of clamps, due to vibration.

How does a pneumatic toggle clamp work?

The toggle clamp actuates against the workpiece and stretches or compresses the equipped linkages for keeping the workpiece in a stationary position.

How do you adjust a toggle clamp?

After clamping, the force can be adjusted by loosening / tightening the spindle nut (supplied with the unit for protection from damage caused by abrasion, twisting or flexing).

How to install Destaco 2002 Series vertical manual hold down toggle clamps?

These clamps feature a straight or flanged base having threaded holes and are used with bolt retainers, spindle assemblies & flanged washers for ease of installation by simply securing materials to a work surface.

How much load can a vertical toggle clamp bear?

Vertical handle toggle clamps are capable of handling loads up to 5000 lb.

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