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AKRO-MILS Stacking Bin Divider

AKRO-MILS 4128441284AA2ABA5.875"20.75"£ 12.03 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 4028040280AA2ABB5.125"16.25"1/8"£ 12.03 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 4028140281AA2ABC7.125"16.25"1/8"£ 19.73 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 4028240282AA2ABD11.125"16.25"1/8"£ 11.21 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 4029040290AA2ABE11"25.75"1/8"£ 14.81 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 4028740287AC9DQJ8-13/16"21"1/2"£ 60.52 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 4029240292AC9NTD8-13/16"27"1/2"£ 66.72 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 4128741287AC9NTE8-13/16"9.625"1/3"£ 34.67 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 4128841288AC9NTF8-13/16"15"1/3"£ 47.59 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 4028640286AD8VQZ5.875"20.875"1/2"£ 26.82 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 4128641286AD8VRA9.5"5.875"1/3"£ 17.54 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 4128941289AD8VRC16.625"10.875"1/3"£ 18.46 (ex. VAT)