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AKRO-MILS 31112 Series, Drawer Bin


Akro-Mils 31112 Series drawer bins are made with industrial grade polymer to offer maximum water, chemical and grease resistance. These heavy-duty Akro storage bins have a sturdy structure and are widely used in shelves, cabinets and pick racks. They feature a pull handle to provide easy access to the contents and a sturdy backstop tab for secure hanging from shelves. These Akro bins are stackable and have a maximum load capacity of 25 lb. They are also colour coded for quick identification of parts or supplies stored in them.

AKRO-MILS 31112BLU31112BLUAA2AFHBlue0.28 cu. ft.£ 13.55 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 31112GRY31112GRYAA2AFJGray0.28 cu. ft.£ 13.55 (ex. VAT)
AKRO-MILS 31112CRY31112CRYAA2AFKClear0.29 cu. ft.£ 17.90 (ex. VAT)