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Zone Valves


StyleModelCoefficient of VolumeConnection Type/SizePrice (inc. VAT)
AV050C3G1ZA024Q4A11.5Sweat 1/2"£350.06
AV075C3G1ZA024Q4A14.5Sweat 3/4"£371.33

Zone Valve 3 Way

StyleModelCoefficient of VolumeConnection Type/SizeHeightTypeWidthPrice (inc. VAT)
AJM32211(F)NPT 1/2"2.625"3 Way, Modulating Body2.625"£99.03
AJM32222(F)NPT 1/2"2.625"3 Way, Modulating Body2.625"£99.03
AJT32234(F)NPT 1/2"2.625"3 Way, On/Off2.625"£63.63
AJT33255(F)NPT 3/4"3.375"3 Way, On/Off2.75"£83.52
AJT34278(F)NPT 1"3.375"3 Way, On/Off3.375"£116.32

Zone Valve, 2 Way

StyleModelCoefficient of VolumeConnection Type/SizeTypePrice (inc. VAT)
AV050T2G2ZB024Q4A14.9NPT 1/2"Two Way, Normally Open, Geothermal System£224.38
AV050C2G2ZA024Q4A14.9Sweat 1/2"Two Way, Normally Closed, Geothermal System£231.71
AV050C2G2ZB024Q4A14.9Sweat 1/2"Two Way, Normally Open, Geothermal System£231.71
AV050T2G2ZA024Q4A14.9NPT 1/2"Two Way, Normally Closed, Geothermal System£224.38
BZ050T2-24.9NPT 1/2"Two Way, Normally Closed, Closed System£184.51
AZ050C2-14.9Sweat 1/2"Two Way, Normally Closed, Closed System£187.13
AV050C2A2ZB024Q4A14.9Sweat 1/2"Two Way, Normally Open, Closed System£191.84
BZ100T2-28.9NPT 1"Two Way, Normally Closed, Closed System£231.26
AV100C2A2ZB024Q4A18.9Sweat 1"Two Way, Normally Open, Closed System£222.42
AV100C2G2ZA024Q4A18.9Sweat 1"Two Way, Normally Closed, Geothermal System£269.55
BV100T2G2ZA024Q4A18.9NPT 1"Two Way, Normally Closed, Geothermal Systems£269.55
AV100C2G2ZB024Q4A18.9Sweat 1"Two Way, Normally Open, Geothermal System£245.98
AZ100C2-18.9Sweat 1"Two Way, Normally Closed, Closed System£216.52
BV075T2G2ZA024Q4A110.3NPT 3/4"Two Way, Normally Closed, Geothermal System£251.87
AZ075C2-110.3Sweat 3/4"Two Way, Normally Closed, Closed System£198.65
AV075C2A2ZB024Q4A110.3Sweat 3/4"Two Way, Normally Open, Closed System£201.14
AV075C2G2ZA024Q4A110.3Sweat 3/4"Two Way, Normally Closed, Geothermal System£263.45
BZ075T2-210.3NPT 3/4"Two Way, Normally Closed, Closed System£187.98
AV075C2G2ZB024Q4A110.3Sweat 3/4"Two Way, Normally Open, Geothermal System£241.20

Threaded Globe Valve

StyleModelCoefficient of VolumeConnection Type/SizeHeightWidthPrice (inc. VAT)
A259-020300.4(F)NPT 1/2"5.5"4.75"£209.33
A259-020320.63(F)NPT 1/2"5.5"4.75"£209.33
A259-020341(F)NPT 1/2"5.5"4.75"£209.33
B243-002101(F)NPT 1/2"4.25"11.25"£145.71
A259-020361.6(F)NPT 1/2"5.5"4.75"£215.88
A259-020382.5(F)NPT 1/2"5.5"4.75"£209.33
B243-002112.5(F)NPT 1/2"4.25"11.25"£145.71
B243-002124.1(F)NPT 3/4"4.25"11.25"£156.97

Zone Valve, Globe

StyleModelCoefficient of VolumeConnection Type/SizeDepthHeightMotor TypeVoltageWidthPrice (inc. VAT)
A259-020000.4(F)NPT 1/2"1-3/4"5.75"Non-Spring Return24568745"£213.58
B254-011150.4(F)NPT 1/2"1-1/2"13.125"Non-Spring Return24568573"£200.81
B254-011170.63(F)NPT 1/2"1-1/2"13.125"Non-Spring Return24568573"£196.56
A259-020020.63(F)NPT 1/2"1-3/4"5.75"Non-Spring Return24568745"£216.85
C599-002101(F)NPT 1/2"1"1.625"--568682"£49.94
B254-011191(F)NPT 1/2"1-1/2"13.125"Non-Spring Return24568573"£196.56
A259-020041(F)NPT 1/2"1-3/4"5.75"Non-Spring Return24568745"£216.85
B254-011211.6(F)NPT 1/2"1-1/2"13.125"Non-Spring Return24568573"£200.81
A259-020061.6(F)NPT 1/2"1-3/4"5.75"Non-Spring Return24568745"£221.42
A259-020082.5(F)NPT 1/2"1-3/4"5.75"Non-Spring Return24568745"£216.85
C599-002112.5(F)NPT 1/2"1"1.625"--568682"£58.19
D257-020392.5(F)NPT 1/2"1-1/2"4"Spring Return0568564"£199.96
D257-020424(F)NPT 1/2"1-1/2"11"Spring Return0568564"£199.96
A259-020414(F)NPT 1/2"1-3/4"5.75"Non-Spring Return24568745"£211.09
C599-002124.1(F)NPT 3/4"1"1 49/64"--568682"£54.91
D257-020456.3(F)NPT 1/2"1-1/2"11"Spring Return0568564"£215.36

Zone Valve 3 Way System

StyleModelCoefficient of VolumeConnection Type/SizeTypePrice (inc. VAT)
AZ050T3-11.5NPT 1/2"Three Way, Closed System£308.82
BV050T3G1ZA024Q4A11.5NPT 1/2"Three Way, Geothermal System£350.06
BV100C3G1ZA024Q4A14.5Sweat 1"Three Way, Geothermal System£422.72
AV075T3G1ZA024Q4A14.5NPT 3/4"Three Way, Geothermal Systems£360.86
AZ100T3-14.5NPT 1"Three Way, Closed System£338.08
BV100T3G1ZA024Q4A14.5NPT 1"Three Way, Geothermal Systems£381.28
AZ075T3-14.5NPT 3/4"Three Way, Closed System£310.13

Valve, 2 Way, High Temperature On/off

StyleModelCoefficient of VolumeConnection Type/SizeWidthPrice (inc. VAT)
AJS22111Sweat 1/2"2.625"£56.55
BJS22211(F)NPT 1/2"2.625"£56.55
AJS22122.5Sweat 1/2"2.625"£58.19
BJS22233.5(F)NPT 1/2"2.625"£56.55
BJS24278(F)NPT 1"3.375"£100.01
StyleModelCoefficient of VolumeConnection Type/SizePrice (inc. VAT)
AZ050C3-11.5Sweat 1/2"£308.82
AZ100C3-14.5Sweat 1"£346.78
AZ075C3-14.5Sweat 3/4"£307.18

599 MT Series, Electronic Valve Actuator

StyleModelCoefficient of VolumeConnection Type/SizeHeightWidthPrice (inc. VAT)
A599-020300.4(F)NPT 1/2"2.25"568746"£92.56
A599-011150.4(F)NPT 1/2"2.25"568746"£75.93
A599-020000.4(F)NPT 1/2"2.25"568746"£92.56
A599-011170.63(F)NPT 1/2"2.25"568746"£84.04
A599-020320.63(F)NPT 1/2"2.25"568746"£92.56
A599-020020.63(F)NPT 1/2"2.25"568746"£90.66
A599-020341(F)NPT 1/2"2.25"568746"£90.66
A599-020041(F)NPT 1/2"2.25"568746"£90.66
A599-011191(F)NPT 1/2"2.25"568746"£77.11
A599-011211.6(F)NPT 1/2"2.25"568746"£77.11
A599-020361.6(F)NPT 1/2"2.25"568746"£92.56
A599-020061.6(F)NPT 1/2"2.25"568746"£90.66
A599-020082.5(F)NPT 1/2"2.25"568746"£90.66
A599-020382.5(F)NPT 1/2"2.25"568746"£92.56
B599-020392.5(F)NPT 1/2"2.25"568564"£98.32
A599-020414(F)NPT 1/2"2.25"568746"£90.66
B599-020424(F)NPT 1/2"2.25"568746"£98.78
C599-020694(F)NPT 1/2"2 15/16"568682"£107.75
B599-020456.3(F)NPT 3/4"2.375"568747"£121.55
A599-020446.3(F)NPT 3/4"2.375"568747"£110.82

Zone Valve, 2 Way

StyleModelCoefficient of VolumeConnection Type/SizeTypeWidthPrice (inc. VAT)
AJT22211(F)NPT 1/2"2 Way, On/Off2.625"£50.27
BJT22111Sweat 1/2"2 Way, On/Off2.625"£49.67
BJM22122Sweat 1/2"2 Way, Modulating Body2.625"£75.07
BJM22222(F)NPT 1/2"2 Way, Modulating Body2.625"£83.92
AJM23222(F)NPT 3/4"2 Way, Modulating Body2.75"£114.87
BJT22122.5Sweat 1/2"2 Way, On/Off2.625"£49.67
AJT22222.5(F)NPT 1/2"2 Way, On/Off2.625"£51.71
AJT23222.5(F)NPT 3/4"2 Way, On/Off2.75"£70.63
BJT23133.5Sweat 3/4"2 Way, On/Off2.75"£61.72
AJT23233.5(F)NPT 3/4"2 Way, On/Off2.75"£70.63
CJT23433.5Flare 3/4"2 Way, On/Off2.75"£59.51
BJT22133.5Sweat 1/2"2 Way, On/Off2.625"£49.67
AJT22233.5(F)NPT 1/2"2 Way, On/Off2.625"£51.71
BJM22234(F)NPT 1/2"2 Way, Modulating Body2.625"£81.30
AJM23277.5(F)NPT 3/4"2 Way, Modulating Body2.75"£114.87
AJT24278(F)NPT 1"2 Way, On/Off3.375"£100.54

Threaded Globe Valve, 2-Way, Cartridge, 1/2 Inch FNPT

ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)

Threaded Globe Valve, 2-Way, Direct Acting, 1 Inch FNPT

ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)

Solder Globe Valve, 2-Way, Cartridge Cage, 1/2 Inch FNPT

ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)

Threaded Globe Valve, 2-Way, Direct Acting, 1/2 Inch FNPT

ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)

Normally Closed Sweat 1 Motorized Zone Valve, 24 VAC, 3.5Cv, 18 Inch Leads

ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)

Two-way Sweat Valve 1/2 Inch 1.2 Cv

ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)

Motorized Zone Valve 3/4 In

ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)

Valve 3 Way High Temperature On/off Sweat 1/2

ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)

5000 Series Sweat Size Inner Diameter 3/4 Inch

ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)

Zone Valve Inverted Flare Size Id 1/2in

ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)

Motorized Zone Valve, Normally Closed, 1/2 Inch Connection Size

ModelItemPrice (inc. VAT)
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Zone Valves

Zone valves are designed for regulating the steam and water flow in a hydronic heating or cooling system. These valves feature 2-way / 3-way configuration for supporting fluctuating flow rates, temperatures and pressure ranges. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of these zone valves from brands like Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Siemens, Taco and White-Rodgers. Taco zone valves feature a unique ball-type design offering flow capacities up to 10.30 gpm and a shut-off pressure rating beyond 300 PSI. These valves can be installed in any direction and come equipped with snap-in quick connectors for fast wiring hook-up. They feature a manual override button allowing the user to take charge of the automated devices and re-position up to 90 degrees, in case of a power failure. Honeywell valves feature a motorised actuator which provides a long stroke with a wider range of control. These units come equipped with a soft valve seat for low leakages and a manual lever for opening the valve and bringing it to the STOP position, in case of motor failure. They can be mounted in any direction and are available in 1 and 3/4 inch sweat type connections on Raptor Supplies.

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