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APPROVED VENDOR Straight Line Clamps

Destaco straight line clamps are manual toggle clamps designed for moulding, covering, welding / tensioning devices, CNC machining, fixturing and testing in the aerospace, automotive, food & beverage and packaging industries. These carbon / stainless steel clamps feature a handle for locking or moving the plunger along its axis in extended or retracted position, thus allowing them to be used as push / pull clamps. They are equipped with round plungers with thru-hole mounting (selected models) for firm clamping. Destaco's patented Toggle Lock Plus technology (selected models) provides a secondary clamp lock, thus ensuring safety and protection against unintentional opening. The brand's 601 Series clamps feature patented thumb control lever for easy one-handed operation. For mounting in different styles, these clamps are available in straight & flange type bases. These straight line action & toggle clamps are available in load capacities ranging from 100 to 16000 lb & plunger thread sizes up to M8 on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Destaco distributor.

StyleOverall HeightOverall LengthThread SizePrice(inc. VAT)ModelSku
A3.860"4.530"5/16-18£ 60.96
13G569 AA4WNH
A5.390"6.670"3/8-16£ 136.88
13G570 AA4WNJ