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Beam clamps are commonly used for securing and suspending threaded rods, fixtures and wires to beam flanges. Raptor Supplies offers a wide variety of beam clamps from brands, like Caddy, Harrington and Super-Strut. These beam clamps have a conduit / EMT mounting facility for ease of installation in steel buildings, warehouses and factories. Most of the Caddy beam clamps feature a push-to-install design to effortlessly push the threaded rod through mounting holes and a maximum load capacity of 100 lb with jaw openings up to 1/2 inch. These removable and adjustable beam clamps further come equipped with a manually operable lock nut for ensuring a secure connection.
For reducing I-beam stresses, Harrington beam clamps feature steel jaws designed to distribute loads (max 20000 lb) away from the flange edges and permanent and temporary mounting options to for accommodating both flat and tapered I-beams. Choose from a wide range of these beam clamps available in malleable iron, steel and spring steel body materials on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the aforementioned brands.

Beam Clamp - Pack Of 50APPROVED VENDOR

Beam Clamp - Pack Of 50
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Clamp Beam - Pack Of 50APPROVED VENDOR

Clamp Beam - Pack Of 50
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Clamp Beam 1/2-13 - Pack Of 10APPROVED VENDOR

Clamp Beam 1/2-13 - Pack Of 10
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Clamp Beam 3/8-16 - Pack Of 25APPROVED VENDOR

Clamp Beam 3/8-16 - Pack Of 25
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