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4.4 Inch Diameter Motors



HVAC Motors, Shaded Pole

Dayton HVAC motors extend equipment life by replacing defective or old electric motors in fans & small blowers, without replacing the entire HVAC unit. These motors feature low starting torque to ensure smooth & noiseless startup, and come with open air-over / totally enclosed air-over enclosures to protect from motor overheating. They allow stud / cradle / ring mounting for ease of installation and are integrated with ball / sleeve bearings for reduced rotational friction. Choose from a wide range of these HVAC motors, available in 1/25, 1/20, 1/15, 1/11, 1/10, 1/8, 1/7 & 1/6 hp variants.

StyleModelNumber of SpeedsBearingsDutyRotationRPM RangeShaft LengthThermal ProtectionFull Load AmpsPrice (inc. VAT)
A4M222BallContinuous Air Over31/113.75"Auto15503£278.65

HVAC Motors, PSC

Dayton HVAC motors are used as replacement motors in attic ventilator applications. They feature a capacitor to decrease power consumption for a load, making them more energy efficient than shaded pole motors. These motors deliver a maximum speed of 1625 rpm and are equipped with ball bearings to prevent the entry of contaminants inside the motor. They come integrated with open air-over / totally enclosed air-over enclosures to prevent overheating of the motor, and are available in 1/20, 1/15 & 1/10 hp variants.

StyleModelVoltageEnclosureFull Load AmpsHPHzLength Less ShaftMotor Enclosure DesignNameplate RPMPrice (inc. VAT)
A10J177Open Air-Over0.8-0.951/1050/603.75Open Air-Over1625/1350208-230£233.64
A10J172Open Air-Over1.21/20603.25"Open Air-Over1625115£195.47
A10J173Open Air-Over1.161/15603.375"Open Air-Over1625115£206.79
A10J174Open Air-Over1.81/10603.75Open Air-Over1625115£226.07
A10J175Open Air-Over0.6-0.81/2050/603.25"Open Air-Over1625/1350208-230£199.22
A10J176Open Air-Over0.6-0.651/1550/603.375"Open Air-Over1625/1350208-230£210.52
B10J178Totally Enclosed Air-Over1.21/2050/603.375"Totally Enclosed Air-Over1625115£203.83
B10J179Totally Enclosed Air-Over0.831/15603.5"Totally Enclosed Air-Over1625115£215.00
B10J180Totally Enclosed Air-Over21/1050/603.75Totally Enclosed Air-Over1625115£237.23
B10J181Totally Enclosed Air-Over0.6-0.81/2050/603.375"Totally Enclosed Air-Over1625/1350208-230£205.99
B10J182Totally Enclosed Air-Over0.55-0.581/1550/603.5"Totally Enclosed Air-Over1625/1350208-230£226.07
B10J183Totally Enclosed Air-Over0.86-0.941/1050/603.75Totally Enclosed Air-Over1625/1350208-230£242.65

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