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Cable Pull Switch Accessories

Cable tension kits comprising PVC-covered steel cables and related hardware, replacement eyebolts, tension springs and mounting brackets used to set up emergency stop switches in conveyors or manufacturing machines. Individual replacement eyebolts and tension springs also available

    Cable Pull Switches

    Designed to stop machinery or equipment quickly, from a distance, in cases of an emergency. Feature heavy-duty housing to withstand the demanding industrial environment and a lid-mounted status indicator to facilitate easy installation and troubleshooting. IP67-rated to withstand water washdown cleaning operations

      Emergency Stop Push Buttons with Contact Block

      Used to avert arising damage to machinery or work in progress by bringing the machinery to a standstill. Easy On / Off operation with push-to-lock and turn-to-reset actions. Available in illuminated and non-illuminated variants

        Legend Plates

          Light Curtains

          Designed to prevent workers or operators from getting injured with the help of a bright 880 nm infrared LED with a response time of 16 milliseconds. Feature a 2 box design which allows the transmitter and the receiver to work together and an aluminium housing for withstanding harsh industrial environments

            Magnetic Safety Interlock Switch Accessories

            Includes magnetic actuator safety interlock switches for use with MA16 Series. Designed to automatically open safety contact and close auxiliary ones when the actuator moves out of its specified operating range

              Magnetically Actuated Safety Interlock Switches

              Magnetically operated non-contact switches designed for machine guarding applications. When actuator goes out of operating range, they open their safety contacts and close auxiliary ones. Feature an encapsulated enclosure ideal for wet and harsh environments

                Pushbutton Enclosures

                  Relay Sockets

                    Safety Interlock Switch Accessories

                    Includes adjustable straight, four way adjustable, right angle and straight actuating keys for use with Omron STI safety interlock switches

                      Safety Interlock Switches

                        Safety Monitoring Relays

                          Sensor Cordsets

                            Since 1933, Omron STI has been manufacturing high-quality safety equipment ideal for the electrical, electronics, manufacturing, robotics and automotive industries. The brand's extensive catalogue includes sensors, safety components, switches, relays, drives and power supply equipment. Omron STI light curtains are designed to protect people in the vicinity of moving machines such as palletisers, pressers and winders. These yellow curtains feature a 2 box design to ensure that the transmitter and receiver are working together without the need for an extra linking cable or control box. They have aluminium housing and a high-intensity power source of 880 nm infrared LED. Aluminium safety contact edges by Omron STI are used on the edges of powered doors or machine tables to protect personnel from injuries. These safety contact edges feature EPDM rubber construction for impact resistance & current insulation and mounting rails made out of aluminium for added durability. These UL, CE and CSA certified edges are available lengths from 250 mm to 1000 mm. Choose from a huge array of safety contact edges, light curtains, Omron STI safety switches, cable pull switches, magnetically actuated safety interlock switches, safety switch mat trims and emergency stop push buttons on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Omron STI distributor.